About Materials

Materials is your introduction to the stories of the Monash Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) department, as seen through the eyes of its students and staff.

We want to give students, researchers and staff – plus interested outsiders – an accessible glimpse at what is going on inside the department, drawing out some of the fascinating research taking place as well as the human side of those working within MSE.

We want to provide visibility at a new level of granularity – with more depth than course descriptions, but more accessibility than technical journals.

We also want invite Monash students to contribute – helping to develop a new communication skillset through close collaboration around stories and through short courses, teaching new ways to connect with a wider audience.

Materials can also be found through the Monash social channels and through our monthly EDM newsletter.

Want to share what you’ve been working on? Post on Instagram with the hashtag #monashmaterials to spread the word and, if you’re lucky, feature in the Materials newsletter.