Biomedical Engineering

Research focus

The department's biomedical engineering research applies mechanical engineering techniques to improve human health and further our understanding of complex biological systems. Applications of these techniques are diverse and include areas such as medical device development, manufacturing for medical devices, medical robotics, biofluid simulations, microfluidics, surface structures, medical imaging, and more in healthcare areas including cardiovascular systems, reproductive health, orthopaedics, and cell therapies.

Meet the researchers

Dr. Shaun Gregory

Cardiovascular engineering, artificial hearts and lungs, artificial organs, medical device evaluation (in-silico, in-vitro and in-vivo), anatomical fitting, physiological control.

Prabhakar Ranganathan
Dr. Prabhakar Ranganathan

Modeling and simulations of the mechanobiology of flagellar propulsion in sperm. Modeling and simulations of collective motion of bacteria and other motile microorganisms, and of motile cells in developing tissues.

Prabhakar Ranganathan