Joshua Krechman

Joshua Krechman

Joshua Krechman

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Double Degree
  • Year commenced: 2011
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Why did you choose Monash?

Firstly, it’s an internationally renowned university that has excellent Law and Engineering faculties. Secondly, the university is known for its strong community feeling. As a year 12 student, it was important to me to chose a university which would help me 'find my feet'. Finally, the university offered me the opportunity to study a very unique double degree that was not on offer elsewhere.

What attracted you to engineering?

I have always enjoyed engaging in science/technical studies. Engineering allows me to use that knowledge and apply it to practical circumstances. I also considered, and have since seen, the lateral thinking skills that an engineering degree can provide. My engineering studies have provided me with the confidence to regularly question the status quo and look for alternate answers.

What made you choose the specialisation/major you studied?

I chose materials engineering because it really is at the forefront of innovation. I saw materials engineering as a field that would allow me to study the world on both a micro and a macro level. It really is a degree that explains the way civilisation has evolved to what it is today.

What was the highlight of your course?

The highlight of my course was my final year project. I was fortunate to be selected to undertake a research project in conjunction with Woodside Energy. Throughout the year I was involved in 3D printing of stainless steel and subsequent corrosion testing. I enjoyed the opportunity that the university provided me to engage with academics on a personal level and undertake 'real world' research. This project allowed me to see how my materials engineering knowledge could be put into practice.

What advice do you have for prospective students starting uni next year?

Firstly - rest up! An engineering degree is a long but extremely rewarding degree. Secondly, plan always and plan often. Take time to ensure that you are aware of what must be done in the near and distant future to achieve your own university goals. While engineering can be a challenging degree, regular planning can really help take the edge off a bit!

What do you hope to do after graduating?

I am currently undertaking a summer clerkship with a national law firm with the hope of commencing as a graduate in 2018. I appreciate the opportunity that Monash University has given me to study two degrees that go hand in hand to provide me with the lateral thinking necessary to succeed in an increasingly competitive graduate market.