Dr. Robert Moehler

Dr. Robert Moehler

Lecturer in Construction Engineering and Management
Department of Civil Engineering
Room 152, 23 College Walk (B60), Clayton Campus

Robert Christian Moehler is currently a Lecturer of Project Management in the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University in Australia. He is the Deputy Course Director and core team member of the cross-faculty Master of Project Management degree at Monash University in Australia.


  • Diplom Ingenieur, (Dipl.-Ing), Civil Engineering., Technical University of Applied Sciences (TFH-Berlin) (Berlin, Germany).
  • Master of Science, Project Management and Postgraduate Certificate of Higher Education Practice., Northumbria University, (UNN) (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK).
  • Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph.D), Organizational Skills Development, Northumbria University, (UNN) and Loughborough University (UK) - (expected in 2020)
  • Post Graduate Certificate, Higher Education Practice., Northumbria University, (UNN).


Project Management
project and innovation management
Management of Innovation
Engineering design
Knowledge Management
Qualitative Research Methodologies
Institutional Theory



Research Interests

Current projects include:

  • the development of a Competency Framework for the management of Major Projects and Programmes for the Victorian Government and the Infrastructure / Construction Industry (Infrastructure Seed Fund $48000);
  • A roadmap for skills development linking national provision to firm needs; and
  • feasibility and proof-of-concept of platform-driven co-creation of value through user involvement for the Built Environment.


Refereed Conference and Journal Papers

Koke, B., & Moehler, R. (2019) Earned Green Value Management for Project Management: a systematic review. Journal of Cleaner Production. 230, 180-197.

Forster, S., Ahmad, S., Algeo, C., Sohal, A., Prajogo, D., & Moehler, R., (2019). Project Management Competencies in response to new and emerging challenges in Major Project Governance: Embracing uncertainty for the right practice. Paper presented at the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Research Conference, Croatia.

Ahmad, S., Algeo, C., Forster, S., Sohal, A., Prajogo, D., & Moehler, R., (2019). Review of the Key Challenges in Major Infrastructure Construction Projects: how do project managers ‘skill-up’?. Paper presented at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) Annual Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal.

Lo, P., Dao, N., Algeo, C., & Moehler, R., (2019, June). Project Categorization Systems and Their Role for Project Portfolio Management. Paper presented at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) Annual Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal.

Algeo, C., & Moehler, R. C. (2019). Mobilizing project knowledge in temporary organizations. Paper presented at the In Nineteenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations Organization Studies Research Network, UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada.

Moehler, R., Algeo, C., Bjerknes, G., & Fayezi, S. (2018). Re‐interpreting Project Knowledge Management: a philosophical review. In International Research Network on Organizing by Projects 2018: A skilled hand and a cultivated mind – RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Moehler, R., Hope, A. J., & Algeo, C. (2018). Sustainable Project Management: Revolution or Evolution? Academy of Management Proceedings. 2018 (1), 13583.

Moehler, R., Jaeger, A. & Algeo, C. (2018). The impact of generational diversity on project leadership: The Dutch infrastructure sector as a case study. Paper presented at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) Annual Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Lo, P., Corlett, S. & Moehler, R., (2018). Confucian Asian SIEs going to the West: expatriation motivation and cross-cultural adjustment. Paper presented at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) Annual Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Koke, B., & Moehler, R. (2017) Earned Green Value: A conceptual framework to measure sustainability in projects and beyond. Paper presented at the Australian Institute of Project Management National Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

2018-2019 CI for Monash Infrastructure Interdisciplinary Research Seed (2018), $48.230



Songbo Hu
Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Pre-Fabrication/ Modular Construction (Associate Supervisor)
2019 to 2021

Ahmed Mohamed Alhiddi
The Influence of Stakeholders Culture on Mega-projects in Bahrain (with Dr. Allan Osborne)
2016 to 2020


Andreas Lucht
A Conceptual Framework Identifying Sponsor Role Specific Behaviours with a Positive Influence on Project Success and Risk Reduction
2017 to 2017

Gary Wright
Exploring knowledge sharing in project management: A study focusing on the dissemination of knowledge between project managers in Kier Group
2016 to 2017

Salman Khattak
The cultural context of skills: Managing Construction Projects in KSA
2016 to 2017

Steven Camus
Project Knowledge Management for single client factory construction, operation and maintenance projects
2016 to 2017

Rajeev Vazhappully
Interpretation of the notion of Responsibility in Project Based Organisations
2015 to 2016

Daniel Potechius
A selected and contextual motivation strategy for a Project Management in Management Consultancy
2016 to 2016

Lisa Hartig
Inter-organisational Knowledge sharing strategies in NPD projects
2016 to 2016

Alaeddin Etakali
Lean Management applicability for Construction Contractors in Lybia
2015 to 2016

Xingrui Liu
Embedding social sustainability into construction project context in the context of China
2015 to 2015

Harriet Claire Latimer
BIM Enabled Health and Safety: Impact, Challenges and Benefits
2015 to 2015

Stuart Rutter
A critical analysis of organisational challenges and managerial solutions available, to support the adoption of building information modelling [BIM] within a construction organisation.
2014 to 2015

Dian Yordanov
Project Management challenges in the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning system from an internal stakeholder perspective
2014 to 2014

Guðmundur Ingi Sigurleifsson
A research of best implementation, practices and measurement techniques for a Project Management Office (PMO) to be adopted into Marel Fish Industry
2014 to 2015

Craig Burdis
the importance of stakeholder management in PPP projects
2015 to 2015

Benjamin Koke
Earned Green Value A Conceptual Framework to measure Sustainability in Projects based on the Earned Value methodology
2015 to 2015

Ceren Evin Erkan
The impact of BIM processes on the Knowledge Flows in Construction Projects: Benefits and Barriers
2014 to 2015

Justine Anne Broom
Adopting and utilising a knowledge management approach in projects and programmes: A review into the effectiveness of the subgroup model within NHS Health Education North East
2014 to 2014

Cristina Gallego Ruiz
Project Success Criteria in New Product Development in the Food Industry
2014 to 2014

Christofer Swahn
Governance in project management methodologies A case study of the decision making process in a standardized project management environment
2014 to 2014

Jens Christian Kleist
Project Knowledge Management – A Case Study in Construction Knowledge Transfer over Projects in Scandinavia and Germany of an International Emerging German Construction Company
2013 to 2013

Aymeric Sauce
Influence of organisational culture on knowledge sharing mechanisms A case study in a construction company in the UK
2013 to 2013

Chris Ferguson
Understanding and Interpreting Knowledge Management within the context of Projects
2012 to 2013

Anouk Chantal Jaeger
Project Leadership across Generations A study on generational diversity and project leadership within infrastructure projects in the Netherlands
2013 to 2013

Eliza Szczotka
Lean Management implementation: Change Management within a MNC
2012 to 2013

Joni Vierimaa
Emotional Intelligence and Project Leadership: An Explorative Study (with Dr. Christine Räisänen)
2012 to 2013

Anders Pilegaard Maarup
Impact of time on team motivation in international cross- cultural project management With focus on linear-active and re-active cultures
2012 to 2012

Jakob Ulmer
An investigation into the appropriateness of alignment of Project Strategy and Business Strategy
2012 to 2012

Dao Bich Nga
Project Categorization Systems and their role for Project Portfolio Management
2011 to 2011

Ahmed Mohamed Alhiddi
Stakeholder Management in Public Private Partnership of Megaprojects in Bahrain
2011 to 2011

Therese Johansson
Project Knowledge Management at Volvo Technology A Case Study on How to Improve Knowledge Sharing Between Projects (with Dr. Ramesh Vahidi)
2011 to 2011

Teaching Commitments

  • OPM4002 - Techniques for managing projects.
  • OPM5000 - Organising the project function.
  • Deputy-Course Director - Master of Project Management (MPM)
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