Monash IT Orientation

Orientation is your opportunity to get to know Monash IT, familiarise yourself with your learning resources, and of course, meet your fellow students.

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Professor Jon Whittle

Welcome to the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University! We are delighted to have you with us as you begin what is sure to be a rewarding and fruitful educational experience.

Information Technology is central to modern day society and already pervades every aspect of our lives. From healthcare to cars, from finance to manufacturing, from energy to education, almost every business is now reliant on innovations in IT. This means that your degree will not only equip you for a career in traditional IT companies but for every sector of industry: every company, regardless of industry, is transforming to a software company. Society is rapidly turning digital, with software tools and internet-based services supporting and connecting the lives of billions of people, ubiquitously and instantaneously.

As a future IT professional, you will have a wealth of exciting and varied career opportunities available, and you will operate in a rapidly evolving landscape, where technology capabilities grow exponentially and employers compete aggressively to attract and retain the best IT talent. Monash IT graduates have gone on to establish themselves in a variety of world-changing roles: as CEOs and CIOs of Fortune 500 companies, as founders of start-ups, as inspiring educators, and as public servants. Wherever your own path takes you, you will be a member of this unique network of Monash IT alumni.

Your Monash IT degree will give you a solid foundation of knowledge and skills across all major IT disciplines. It will equip you for continuous learning, enabling you to adapt and respond to rapid change. During your studies, you can further specialise according to your interests, and you will learn how to develop and manage IT projects in different contexts. Furthermore, your degree will help you refine your interpersonal and communications skills and, critically important, provide you with the opportunities to obtain the practical experience necessary to make you job-ready and a valuable asset to any employer.

Throughout your educational journey, we are here to help you achieve your dreams. I wish you all the best from myself and all the staff at the Faculty of Information Technology as you embark on this exciting new chapter of your life.

Go change the world!

Professor Jon Whittle
Dean, Faculty of Information Technology
Monash University