Yunshu (Maggie) Shu

Yunshu (Maggie) Shu

Yunshu (Maggie) Shu

  • Student type: International
  • Year commenced: 2018
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Specialisation: Interactive Media

A destiny designed

All throughout high school I’ve been interested in Game Design. Before I came to Monash University, I studied a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Canada for a year.

But when I heard that they offered 3D Modelling and Game Design as an IT major at Monash, I immediately transferred courses and came down to Australia.

Monash: More than meets the eye

I chose Monash University for its high reputation in IT and quality of teaching. But after I arrived, I realised there's more to it. I liked the environment on campus, the quiet and spacious study spaces, and most importantly, the caring teachers and students.

Moreover, Monash values gender equality; everyone is welcomed and encouraged to study in this field.

In the faculty's weekly newsletter, it also promotes lots of events hosted not only for women in IT, but also in wider STEM fields.

Something to show for it

The highlight of my course was definitely the Studio Project I did in my last year of study.

My three friends and I spent two semesters working together as a team, using everything we learned throughout our course to make a 2D RPG game prototype.

After countless changes and iterations, we were all satisfied with, and proud of, what we had made. Our game trailer is available on YouTube.

With great power comes great responsibility

Out of all societal issues, racism is a serious problem and it has become worse in recent years.

I think I can address this issue by using technology to make a game or interactive website that informs people about this and advocates for racial equality.

Melbourne: A city suited for everyone

When I go out, I like to hike, attend concerts or visit museums.

Melbourne’s city life is very inspirational as it's the cultural capital of Australia. At the same time, I also feel closer to nature when I go travelling or even just for a little walk.

I’ve experienced different things and made many friends of diverse cultural backgrounds. I think Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world. I feel very welcomed here.

Pearls of wisdom for future students

Never stop learning and think critically.

Don't consider university as the finishing line in your journey of life, because there isn't one. Everything is always changing and you need that curiosity to help you adapt to the world.

Stay curious and open-minded. And remember our motto ‘Ancora Imparo’.