Credit for Prior Learning

It’s possible to apply for credit for the knowledge and skills you’ve gained from your prior learning. Here, we show you the different categories of learning that may apply, and provide details on how to apply.

Eligible areas of prior learning

You may apply for credit for knowledge and skills gained from the following areas of prior learning:

  • Formal learning – is the learning that takes place through a structured program of learning and assessment that leads to the full or partial attainment of a recognised AQF qualification or other formally recognised qualification.
  • Non-formal learning – refers to learning that takes place through a structured program of learning but does not lead to an officially accredited qualification – eg single units enrolment; faculty awards such as executive certificates.
  • Informal learning – refers to learning gained through work-related, social, family, hobby or leisure activities and experiences. Unlike formal and non-formal learning, informal learning is not organized or externally structured in terms of objectives, time or learning support.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – refers to an individual's relevant prior learning, which includes Formal, Informal and Non-formal learning.

Monash IT adheres to the University and faculty policies on credit. Please refer to the following websites for detailed information:

How to apply for credit

Applying for credit for prior learning

It is your responsibility to provide an original transcript of results, relevant unit guide (which includes a detailed list of topics studied, contact hours, texts and references, methods of assessment and learning outcomes) and course structure.

All official documents (i.e. academic transcripts, certificates), if not original, must be certified by a person authorised to witness statutory declarations. These persons include a Justice of the Peace, registered Medical Practitioner, Veterinary Surgeon, Pharmacist or Police Officer who has served for more than five years.

Applying for credit based on informal learning

Credit applications for informal learning must be submitted four weeks before the start of semester. This ensures sufficient time for the interview process or for an exam to be scheduled if required. Applications will normally be assessed within 20 working days.

Supporting documents required

  • A personal statement clearly detailing how your work experience meets each learning outcome for the relevant Monash unit. Learning outcomes are published in the handbook under each unit entry, and in Moodle unit previews.
  • Detailed resume with job titles, descriptions of major responsibilities, and timelines for each position.
  • Letters of reference for confirmation and details of referees.
  • Original or certified documents demonstrating completion of any professional development courses and results if applicable.

As part of the assessment process, you may be required to:

  • Sit an interview with a relevant academic.
  • Sit an appropriate unit exam/test.

The relevant Credit Assessor will assess your application from the above criteria. Monash IT reserves the right to refuse credit based on informal learning.

Domestic applicants

If you are applying through VTAC, you are required to submit your application for credit on Enrolment Day.

If you are applying direct to Monash IT, you may apply for credit with your course application, or wait until Enrolment Day.

International applicants

If you are an international student, please apply via International Recruitment Services.

Please be aware that all credit applications must be complete with supporting documents before being processed. Incomplete credit applications will not be processed, you will be asked to resubmit with the relevant documents attached.

If original documents and transcripts are in a language other than English, a translation by an accredited translator must also be provided.

If you are seeking credit for Monash-only studies, you do not need to attach any documentation.

If you are an international student enrolled in courses offered at an Australian campus, you are required to authorise explicitly the credit that is granted to you, by returning a signed authorisation form.

CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) qualifications

Undergraduate-level credit

You may be granted credit for successful completion of CISCO units that are undertaken as part of the curriculum for units at post-secondary institutions. Credit, in these instances, will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Postgraduate-level credit

Monash IT does not approve postgraduate-level credit for CCNA qualifications.