Supplementary Assessment

This business process applies to students enrolled in coursework award programs in the Faculty of Information Technology.


This document outlines the Faculty process for supplementary assessment. The following applies:

  • Only one supplementary assessment can be approved for graduate diplomas and it must be the final unit needed to complete the award.
  • Students who apply to take out an alternative exit award may be eligible to complete supplementary assessment under the criteria if the unit in question is the final unit to complete the alternative exit award. Supplementary assessment will not be considered unless the student has made an application to take an alternative exit.
  • A maximum of two (2) supplementary assessments can be approved in a double degree program.
  • No supplementary assessments can be approved for non-award (single unit) enrolment and for graduate certificates.


These instructions are additional to University Academic Board Regulations Section 19, Part 3: Supplementary Assessment:

The Faculty's Board of Examiners (BOE) will identify eligible cases and award a temporary NS grade.

BOE can approve supplementary assessment for:

  • the final unit required to complete all course requirements;
  • FIT (only) units that form part of double degrees, if that failed unit is the final unit required to complete the FIT component of the double degree, and only after consulting with the Managing Faculty of the double degree.
  • a unit from any faculty, if it is undertaken within a FIT single degree;
  • up to two units in the final semester where it deems that there are special circumstances, and where no other supplementary assessments have previously been granted.

BOE will approve supplementary assessments, in circumstances where all of the following criteria are met:

The failed units:

  • are worth no more than 12 credit points in total;
  • have a final mark in the range of 45-49%;
  • are not capstone units; and
  • were attempted within the last 12 months (result release dates determine this timeframe).

The Faculty may choose to award supplementary assessment in the unit(s) in such a form and schedule it at such a time as stipulated in the University Unit Assessment Procedures.

Finalising the result

A supplementary assessment cannot be deferred, and if not completed, a Fail result will be returned. If the supplementary assessment is failed, the unit's result will be returned to the original grade. If the supplementary assessment is passed, a 50 P will be the final result.

Supplementary assessment grades must be finalised at the publication date for Supplementary and Deferred Examination results, except in exceptional circumstances approved by the Dean (or delegate) of the Faculty.


Students cannot apply for Supplementary Assessment. The Board of Examiners will identify and approve supplementary assessment for eligible cases and award a temporary NS grade.

The maximum result that can be awarded for a unit after supplementary assessment is 50% (P). The Faculty Unit Assessment Hurdles and any approved unit hurdles must be applied prior to finalizing the result.

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