Research Communication and Academic Language

FIT Research Communication and Academic Language Specialist (RCALS)

The Faculty of Information Technology has a research communication specialist, Julie Holden, who assists Graduate Research students to develop their knowledge and skills in academic language and communication.

The RCALS service is customised to meet the discipline specific communication requirements of Graduate Research Students in the Faculty of IT. Development opportunities are provided through the Monash Doctoral program, seminars and individual consultations.

Topics include:


  • Preparing for the written component of milestone reviews
  • Designing and structuring a thesis, exegesis, literature review, research publication or poster
  • Writing applications or documents related to your candidature
  • Self-editing and revising research communication i.e. cohesion and coherence
  • Using academic language and grammar e.g. verb tense, articles


  • Preparing for the oral component of milestone reviews
  • Preparing for conference, industry or specific audience presentations (e.g. 3MT)
  • Pronunciation and presentation practice

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