Research contract services

Our groundbreaking IT research and deep understanding of computing technologies can significantly improve how your organisation operates.

Monash IT offers expertise and advice on strategies and technical solutions to address your organisational goals. The researchers complement your business expertise with their deep understanding, not only of current technology, but also the technology of the future, and the future of business.

When your organisation is faced with technical challenges – due to recent technological advancement, external conditions, or growth and acquisition – you may not have the necessary in-house expertise to meet them.

Our researchers can act as advisors to industry and government organisations, bringing the depth of their knowledge and experience. Research contract services with Monash IT are an ideal way for industry partners to start working with our researchers to incorporate the latest technology and best practice into their organisation.

We cover all major areas of IT, including big data, cyber security, encryption, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more. Contact our Industry Engagement Team to see how we can partner with your organisation.

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