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There are opportunities coming at you every moment of the day, and the biggest problem you have is deciding which one of those opportunities you're going to pursue.

- Professor Jon Whittle, Dean,
Faculty of Information Technology

IT underpins everything. So it’s no surprise that Monash has dedicated a whole faculty just to teaching and learning IT. In fact, we’re the only university in the prestigious Group of Eight that has. So you can be sure that, for us, IT isn’t just a side interest – it’s what we do.

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Monash cryptocurrency blockchain pioneer wins top research award

Associate Professor Joseph Liu was announced as ACS ICT ‘Researcher of the Year’ at the 2018 Digital Disruptor Awards last night recognising his groundbreaking research in advancing blockchain technology as a legitimate way to create new economic and social systems.

Information Technology

Unity between audio and visual cues, key to detecting deepfakes

Monash University news

As deepfake videos become increasingly difficult to detect, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied to uncover the disharmony between the audio in a video and the visual of the person speaking.

IEEE Visualisation Conference is heading down under in 2022

For the first time in its 30 year-history, the world's largest international visualisation conference will be held in the southern hemisphere in Melbourne, Australia.

AI body tracking fitness app offers personalised training to help prevent injury in lockdown

A fitness app developed by Monash University alumni is turning smartphones into personal trainers that correct form and offer feedback in real-time during a workout.

Monash University news

Managing online forums in the age of misinformation

Researchers from the Monash University Malaysia campus are developing a platform to moderate and verify content shared to popular online forums and discussion boards.

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