In 2016 Monash University undertook a review of its course portfolio. As a result, the Faculty of Information Technology made changes to our undergraduate programs. Units no longer offered should be replaced by the unit listed in the table below.

All FIT undergraduate degrees and undergraduate units are offered at Clayton campus from 2018.

Original Unit

Replacement Unit

FIT1004 Data management FIT2094 Databases
FIT1005 Networks and data communications FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security
FIT1010 Introduction to software engineering ENG1003 Engineering mobile apps
FIT1012 Website authoring FIT1050 Web fundamentals
FIT1029 Algorithmic problem solving FIT1045 Algorithms and programming fundamentals in python
FIT1030 Introduction to business information systems Any FIT elective unit
FIT1031 Computers and networks FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security
FIT1034 Principles of computer graphics FIT2097 Games programming 2
FIT1035 Digital media authoring One of FIT1045 Algorithms and programming fundamentals in python or FIT1048 Fundamentals of C++ or FIT1051 Programming fundamentals in java
FIT1036 Enterprises and information FIT1028 Business information technology and systems (Not offered in 2020) (only available to students completing an EIM major or minor)
FIT1037 Information management FIT1052 Digital futures: IT shaping society
FIT1038 Introduction to information technology Any Level 2 or Level 3 ICT elective
FIT1039 Web systems FIT1050 Web fundamentals
FIT2003 IT professional practice FIT1049 IT professional practice
FIT2006 Business process modelling and workflow FIT2090 Business information systems and processes
FIT2017 Computer models for business decision making FIT3158 Business decision modelling
FIT2024 Software engineering practice FIT2099 Object oriented design and implementation
FIT2026 Sound and video studio FIT2091 Interactive media studio 1
FIT2027 Systems design and implementation No replacement unit. Students to contact Faculty office.
FIT2034 Computer programming 2 BITS students completing the Applications Development majorFIT2081 Mobile application development  OR FIT2095 e-Business software technologies
BITS students completing the Applications Development minor: FIT2076 Web-database interface (Not offered in 2020) OR FIT2081 Mobile application development OR FIT2104 Web database interface
FIT2043 Technical documentation for software engineers Approved Software Engineering elective.
FIT2049 Games programming with C++ FIT2096 Games programming 1
FIT2065 Operating systems and Unix environment FIT2100 Operating systems
FIT2069 Computer architecture FIT3159 Computer architecture
FIT2070 Operating systems

FIT2100 Operating systems

FIT2071 Foundations of C++ FIT1048 Fundamentals of C++
FIT2072 Educational multimedia FIT2092 Interactive media studio 2 OR FIT2098 Virtual and augmented reality (not offered in 2019)
FIT2074 Technology, information and organisations No replacement unit. Students to contact Faculty office.
FIT2075 Information strategies and systems development FIT2090 Business information systems and processes
FIT2076 Web-database interface FIT2104 Web database interface
FIT2077 Advanced data management FIT3176 Advanced database design
FIT2078 Introduction to security FIT2093 Introduction to cyber security
FIT2079 Data visualisation FIT3179 Data visualisation
FIT3001 Advanced 3D FIT2087 Advanced 3D
FIT3008 Advanced digital video FIT3156 Advanced visual effects OR FIT3169 Immersive environments
FIT3013 Formal specification for software engineering FIT5138 Advanced software engineering (Caulfield, S1)
FIT3020 Information visualisation FIT3179 Data visualisation
FIT3027 Android and iOS development FIT3178 iOS app development
FIT3036 Computer science project Level 3 Approved Computer Science or Data Science elective (from (b) in the handbook)
FIT3042 Systems tools and programming languages FIT2102 Programming paradigms
FIT3051 Decision support systems for finance For BBIS students completing the Financial Information Systems major only: FIT3003 Business intelligence and data warehousing OR FIT3152 Data analytics
FIT3063 Human-computer interaction FIT3175 Usability
FIT3083 e-Business software technologies FIT2095 e-Business software technologies
FIT3107 Advanced programming for database applications For BCS students completing the Business analytics major: FIT2077 Advanced data management (Not offered in 2020) OR FIT3176 Advanced database design
FIT3130 Computer network design and deployment FIT3031 Network security OR FIT3149 Network administration (Not offered in 2020)
FIT3140 Advanced programming FIT3155 Advanced data structures and algorithms
FIT3141 Data communications and computer networks
ECE2041 Telecommunications ECE3141 Information and networks
FIT3165 Computer networks
FIT3136 IT strategy and governance for business FIT3174 IT strategy and governance
FIT3149 Network administration FIT3031 Network security OR FIT3130 Computer network design and deployment (Not offered in 2020)
FIT3157 Advacned visual effects FIT3172 Sonics (for students completing the Interactive media major in the Bachelor of Information Technology (C2000))
FIT4004 System validation and verification, quality and standards FIT5171 System validation and verification, quality and standards
ACC1000 Principles of accounting and finance For BBIS students completing the Financial Information Systems major only: ACC1100 Introduction to financial accounting
BFC2140 Corporate finance For BBIS students completing the Financial Information Systems major only: BFC1001 Foundations of finance (Not offered in 2020)
MAT2003 Continuous mathematics for computer science MAT1841 Continuous mathematics for computer science
VCM1001 Visual communication FIT1046 Interactive media foundations

Note: If a replacement unit is at a different year level to the original unit and this means you have either:

  1. Too many level 1 units (more than 60 points) or
  2. Not enough level 3 units (less than 36 points)

Please contact the Faculty for further advice.

Course specific information

Bachelor of Informatics and Computation Advanced (Honours) (4310) and Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced (Honours) (C3001)

Students enrolling into fifth year units will not be able to do so via WES. You will need to enrol manually at the Faculty of Information Technology.

Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (3334)

** From 2016, FIT1047 replaces BOTH FIT1005 and FIT1031. Students aiming to complete an ICT major or minor who have not yet completed both FIT1031 AND FIT1005 are required to complete FIT1047 and another FIT Level 1 unit.