Summer and winter semester

Summer and Winter units are a great way to speed up your course and can help you to manage your coursework requirements.

How to enrol in a summer or winter unit

Summer 2020 – 2021

The Faculty is offering the following units at Clayton campus in summer 2020/2021. All units will run in the Summer B teaching period. Teaching will start in the first week of January 2021 and finish in late February 2021. Teaching and exam dates are now available.

FIT2094/FIT3171 Databases
FIT2100 Operating systems
FIT3175 Usability

FIT5057 Project management
FIT5152 User interface design and usability
FIT5195 Business intelligence and data warehousing
FIT5196 Data wrangling
FIT5202 Data processing for big data
FIT5205 Data in society

Enrolment for summer units is now open in the Web Enrolment System (WES).

November 2020

The Faculty is also offering a number of units online in a new November teaching period. The November period will be a full 12-week teaching period starting on 2 November 2020. These units will be available to continuing students under the following conditions:

  1. You must have satisfied the prerequisites for November units by the time teaching starts - so you can’t be enrolled in a prerequisite unit in semester 2 since results for semester 2 won’t be available until 17 December.
  2. You can’t enrol in more than 6 units (36 points) across both semester 2 and the November teaching period. So if you are enrolled in 4 units in semester 2, you will be able to enrol in 2 units in November, if you are enrolled in 3 units in semester 2, you will be able to enrol in 3 units in November. This is because the semester 2 exam period will overlap with the start of November teaching.

November Units

FIT1008 Introduction to computer science
FIT1045 Algorithms and programming fundamentals in python
FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security
FIT1051 Programming fundamentals in java
FIT1050 Web fundamentals
FIT1046 Interactive media foundations
FIT2001 Systems analysis and design
FIT2002 IT project management
FIT2081 Mobile apps development
MAT1830 Discrete mathematics in computer science

FIT9131 Programming foundations in java
FIT9132 Introduction to databases
FIT9136 Algorithms and programming foundations in Python
FIT9137 Introduction to computer architecture and networks
FIT5125 IT research methods

Enrolment for November units is now open in the Web Enrolment System (WES).

All offerings proposed for Summer and November will run subject to sufficient enrolment numbers.

Enrolling at the Malaysia campus?

Students wanting to enrol in a summer unit at the Malaysia campus must refer to the enrolment process on the Monash Malaysia School of IT website.

Discontinue a Summer or Winter unit

You can discontinue some summer and winter units in the Web Enrolment System (WES) and avoid financial or academic penalties. If WES will not allow you to discontinue, you need to complete an Enrolment Amendment Form by the unit discontinuation date. This form is available from your faculty office. Unit discontinuation dates are listed on our Summer and Winter unit pages.