VCE algorithmics

Topics covered and subject scope

VCE Algorithmics examines how information about the world can be systematically represented and processed, and how such processes can be made sufficiently explicit and precise that they can be implemented in a computer program. However, the focus is not on coding but on 'algorithmic thinking.’ Algorithmics covers systematic methods for analysing real world problems, and identifying salient aspects of the real world to model. It explores the design of algorithms, resulting in a powerful approach to manipulating and reasoning about structured information.

What students can expect from this subject

This study enables students to:

  • understand the mathematical foundations of computer science and software engineering
  • design algorithms to solve real-world information problems, using suitable abstract data types and algorithm design patterns
  • investigate the efficiency and correctness of algorithms through formal analysis and empirically through implementation as computer programs
  • reason about the physical, mathematical and philosophical limits of computability.

Pathways for students at Monash

  • At Monash University Students who have successfully completed VCE Algorithmics will receive credit for 2 first year units when they enrol with the Faculty of Information Technology:
    • Credit for FIT1045 Introduction to Algorithms and Programming
    • Credit for one Information Technology 1st year Elective
  • This credit effectively amounts to 50% of one semester load. With overloading students may be able to accelerate their degree by 1/2 year (1 unit overload for 2 semesters).
  • On the basis of this credit students can enter straight into some Level 2 units.
  • In addition to the above credits, the Faculty of IT grants ATAR increments to students that have successfully completed VCE Algorithmics on the same level that is given for Specialist Mathematics.

Key VCE Algorithmics contacts

Professor Bernd Meyer
T: +61 3 9905 2240

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