Changyu Wang

Changyu Wang

Changyu Wang

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Double Degree
  • Year commenced: 2017
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Major(s): Mathematics Extended
  • Specialisation: Data Science

From a ‘joke’ to a life-changing decision

As a kid I played a lot of computer games and my parents joked about me becoming a programmer. Although I took a game design class in highschool, and thought that it was fun, I decided it probably wasn't for me.

A few years later I had a look at Monash's double degree options. What started off as a pragmatic decision – I had heard IT and data were booming – ended up being one of the best choices I've ever made.

I saw that there was so much more to computer science than just game design, and I found a way to take my passion for mathematics further with data science!

Choosing to chase two passions

The main reason was Monash’s double degrees. One extra year for another degree is a great deal and allowed me to study both computer science and science equally!

Another reason I chose Monash was how close it was to my house. A 15-minute journey each way compared to over an hour to other universities made a big difference.

Finally, most of my friends decided to go to Monash. This ended up being an important factor because I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.

Making unforgettable memories

At the end of 2019, I spent five months at KTH University in Stockholm, Sweden, one of the leading technical universities in Scandinavia. It was an absolute blast! Living in a new city, making friends from all over the world and traversing Europe. I loved immersing myself in the culture and pushing my own limits in travelling and living alone.

During that time I visited seven countries, skied in the arctic circle and even saw the northern lights! I would without a doubt recommend going abroad to everyone.

Aside from my exchange semester, another highlight of my course would be the people I've met along the way, from the friends I met in first year to the lecturers that have inspired me to pursue my passions. All subjects can be interesting with the right instructor, and it was them who encouraged my interest in computer science.

Living a busy and enriching student life

In my first year I joined a lot of clubs, such as the science and computer science student societies. I also joined the Choir, Music Students Society and Board Games Club. They were a great way to build and strengthen friendships – at first to attend classes with, and later just to hang out with!

Where to from here?

After Monash, I’ll be taking up a graduate role as a Data Analyst at Telstra. I hope to build my skills and pursue higher education in the future to become a researcher in Machine Learning/Modelling/Optimisation – eventually becoming a teacher to give back to the community.

Pearls of wisdom for future students

Things are either a good time or a good story (or good for your CV). If you have any doubts, just have a go. At the very least you'll get a story out of it and at best you'll find something you love!

Give it a go, especially with a double degree! There are many pathways and data has never been hotter. If you don't like a degree you can always transfer and get credit for completed units , finishing your new course with the benefit of added experience.