Monash-Data61 partnership

At Monash, we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with other organisations to develop the best opportunities for exceptional PhD students. The Monash-Data61 partnership is one such collaboration.

About the partnership

In 2012, Monash University partnered with National ICT Australia (NICTA) and created the Monash NICTA laboratory at its Caulfield campus. At that time, NICTA was Australia’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) Research Centre of Excellence and the nation’s largest organisation dedicated to ICT research.

In 2016, Data61 was formed by the merging of National ICT Australia (NICTA) and CSIRO's digital productivity business unit.  Monash University continues its fruitful relationship with Data61 offering a joint world-class PhD experience to candidates working in data-related disciplines such as Analytics, Cyber-Physical Systems, Software and Computational Systems and Decision Sciences.

More information

If you’d like to know more about the Monash-Data61 partnership, or if you're a Monash staff member and you'd like to become involved, please email us at