Style guide

This Style Guide has been developed for undergraduate and course work masters students in Monash IT. The guiding principle has been to provide a resource to answer initial queries, particularly if you are beginning or completing an assessment task at a time when you are unable to access in person help either from Monash IT or the Library.

Getting started is as easy as clicking on the link below to the specific type of task you are working on:

Unpack assignment 

Unpacking your assignment

This section helps you to determine the requirements of your assessment tasks.

Write report 

Writing a report

This section helps you to understand and develop the skills you need to structure and write a report.


Approaching a case study

This section explains how to apply knowledge and theory to issues in a case study, and how to support your argument with relevant evidence.

Programming styles 

Programming styles

A programming style is a set of guidelines used to format programming instructions. It is useful to follow a style as it makes it easier for programmers to understand the code, maintain it, and assists in reducing the likelihood of introducing errors.

Write essay 

Writing an essay

An essay is a written response to a question or statement. This section explains how to plan and write an in-depth response.

graph relationships 


The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standard way to create graphical models of parts of object-orientated software systems. These models are used to help analyse aspects of a proposed software system, and/or communicate those aspects to others.

Review literature 

Reviewing the literature

This section explains how to find and analyse literature, and compose a review which supports your argument.


Analysing and presenting results

This section provides some tips on presenting your results effectively, appropriately and ethically.



This section explains why referencing is important and describes the referencing style you will use in Monash IT.

oral presentation 

Giving an oral presentation

This section helps you consider content, delivery and visual aids for high quality presentations.

Team work 

Working in a team

This section provides you with suggestions for working effectively in a team or group.


Preparing for exams / study skills

This section provides advice on determining what to study and how to effectively revise for exams.

This guide consists of a series of web-based, short documents in twelve topic areas. Each document is concise and contains links to other appropriate sources, and often examples, for further information. The sections have been written to reflect the way that Monash IT expects you to work through and complete a range of differing assessment tasks. There may be occasions however, when your lecturer will ask you to use a different style for an assessment task, so if in doubt, please check before you submit your assessment task.

Each section is arranged so that basic information about the type of task is provided and options for assistance with more advanced enquiries are also offered.

Written by the staff of Monash IT and the Monash University Library information technology team.

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