Undergraduate industry experience projects

We’ve been running our full-year industry experience (IE) projects for students since the 1970s. They’re designed to prepare students for a smooth transition to the workforce, and our students consistently rate their IE project as the highlight of their course.

Real-world industry experience

Usually run over two semesters, IE projects give you the chance to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout your degree. At the same time you’ll research and develop new skills, all while you design, develop and deliver an information system for a real-world client.

Along the way you’ll experience the ambiguity and complexity that comes with developing and delivering IT solutions. At every stage, you’ll continue to have the support of the university environment, with academic supervisors mentoring and overseeing your progress throughout.

Developing essential skills

IE projects are team based, with students typically working in groups of three or four. Teams manage their project through the development stages, not only enhancing their technical skills, but also developing the essential 'soft skills' that are so highly regarded by employers:

  • communication
  • time management
  • developing project documentation to a professional standard
  • the ability to present work to academics and other stakeholders
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • a capacity to deal ethically and competently with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

At the same time, you’ll transition to being an independent learner, which is essential in the IT profession.