Anusha Biswas

Anusha Biswas

Anusha Biswas

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Year commenced: 2017
  • Degree(s): Master of Business Information Systems

An all-encompassing field

Anything that you see on the internet or in your day-to-day life – even something as simple as a POS machine – is IT-enabled and automated. This is because technology creates tools and enablers that make life easier for us.

This is what inspired me and pushed me to further my career in IT.

An eye for improvement

I studied Computer Science and Engineering for my undergraduate degree and began working for a multinational company in India immediately after.

During this time I started learning the significance of business processes and its influence over technological advancements. To further understand the amalgamation of business and IT, I decided to look into higher education.

I chose Monash University to study my master’s because not only did it provide the exact course that I was looking for, but also because it’s a premier institute located in the bustling city of Melbourne.

The joy of self-discovery

Melbourne has been true to its title as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Having been brought up in the cultural capital of India, I’m highly inclined towards city living and exploring myself beyond the work that I do.

Everything here is well connected. Beautiful locations for trekking and enjoying nature are only a stone’s throw away. Also the amazing coastline never ceases to amaze me.

Melbourne is truly a melting pot of people from diverse cultures living harmoniously together. I am a sketch art enthusiast and Melbourne has been a blessing for me. I’ve learned new forms and techniques from the amazing artists around the city and I try them in my own time which helps me relax.

Upskilled and work-ready

The capstone industry experience unit was an amazing 12-week journey. It provided me with the opportunity to work in a cross-skilled and cross-cultural team.

We created a real-time product following an end-to-end lifecycle for the IT for Social Good category. We explored real-time data and upskilled in different IT skills like coding, data management and cybersecurity.

The unit not only helped in developing these technical skills, but it also instilled in me the ethics of working in a diverse team. I encountered different challenges everyday during those 12 weeks and learned how to resolve them. This will help me be a good team player that is valued and appreciated once I start working in the Australian workforce.

Confidence inspiring confidence

I have not really faced any challenges yet apart from the generic bias about the understanding of technology. However being at Monash surrounded by such amazing women achievers has given me a lot of confidence and helped me face difficult situations at work.

I was also fortunate to be a part of Monash’s Women in Technology Mentoring program which connects current students with alumni mentors.

Expand your horizons

Monash has unlimited opportunities to be a part of different societies, which not only help you learn new skills, but also connect you with different students and mentors.

I was part of the Monash Drawing Club and also a Peer Mentor for new arriving postgraduate students in the Faculty of IT. It gave me the chance to network with students from diverse backgrounds and gain interpersonal and communication skills.

Where is she now?

I graduated in 2018 and got the wonderful opportunity to continue my journey with Monash as a Teaching Associate. Now I guide and mentor undergraduate and postgraduate students on various units for the Faculty of IT, but mainly the industry-based experience unit.

I also work as a Business Analyst with the Buildings and Property Division of Monash University, where I am part of the Business Transformation Team, responsible for maintaining and enhancing the standards and processes of Monash using IT solutions and enabling the smooth day-to-day functioning of all Monash campuses across the globe.

Pearls of wisdom for future students

The course that I studied is designed in a way that gives you the opportunity to explore your options and learn skills from other IT areas (data science, networks and security, and artificial intelligence) and understand how they amalgamate with business. There are also a lot of real-time projects that you can work on which will help create your work portfolio.

So if you want to learn and grow holistically, do not think twice and choose Monash.