Sojung Bahng

Why did you choose Monash?

I studied in Korea before I moved to Australia. My current supervisor, Jon McCormack, is a very well-known media artist and researcher. His papers were used as main references in one of my graduate school classes, and I also cited his papers about generative art in my previous research. I came to Monash to work with him. I am at Sensilab, a lab for creative technology and new media art, and I am in the practice-based program. I can create artwork and do research simultaneously, which really appeals to me.

Describe your area of research.

I’ve always been interested in developing original media systems with digital technologies to reflect aesthetic experiences through new media. My practice-based research is based on developing virtual reality films to explore the concept of critical empathy. Critical empathy is the coexistence of empathy and critical thinking. This dualistic nature of critical empathy could be examined by balancing immersion and distance in virtual reality.

What is a your favourite memory or highlight about Monash?

There was a workshop called Improvisational Interface at Sensilab. It was very exciting to create new interfaces with people from different backgrounds and share thoughts and ideas.

Apart from study, what other activities are you involved in?  

I really enjoy exploring Melbourne’s artistic and cultural events. Nowadays, I try to attend MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival), and see as many films as I can.