Hear from our students

Christopher Gottschalk

Faculty of IT undergraduate student

The great thing about the Industry Experience (IE) subject is that it brings together all the knowledge and skills we have developed over our three years of study at Monash University, and allows us to apply them to a real situation. Life skills, friendships, technical knowledge and application - the subject provided by Monash delivers everything the title promises, a rewarding industry experience.

As a group, we felt proud to represent Monash University, a member of the Group of 8, and the Faculty of Information Technology. Monash has some of the best tutors, lecturers and staff that have years of experience. With their help, advice and guidance it made it easier for us to achieve our goals and develop the best system we could.

Building systems for the local community also allowed us to make a difference, and to allow international students to interact and refine their communication skills whilst studying in Australia. Looking back, we were initially a group of four students sitting in a classroom. Now, we are all close friends who have built a website that people will use, and we have made a difference to a local business.

IE has taught us all to put the theory into real life practice and prepared us as we move out into industry, both locally and internationally. We would recommend this subject to everyone who is studying the breadth of IT subjects that Monash has to offer and it is an experience that differentiates Monash from the rest of the market. The subject also highlights how each of the subjects studied within our degrees are important and relevant to real world applications.

We could not think of a better way to conclude our degrees at Monash.

Suan, Ash, Fawad and Matt

Industry Experience student team

"Our system was developed for Link Community Transport, who organise and provide transport services for older people and people with a disability. Our IT system manages the data of all clients, volunteers and vehicles and provides a framework for the scheduling and reporting of transport runs."

"Industry Experience has been a fantastic journey and experience, a fitting culmination to our degree. It gave us the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained studying to a real world environment – to take control of a project and manage it from the initial stages of analysis right down to the  implementation and installation of a system."

John Murphy

Industry Experience student

“Monash is an amazing university, and I'm so proud to be a part of the Caulfield Campus. I started off my degree in 2010 and chose Networks and Security as my majors. They are both vastly interesting and challenging. I was looking at jobs like Security Analyst or Network Engineer.

“Since taking over the Team Leader role for my Industry Experience project, I've been able to broaden my horizons, and build up the skills a business analyst would need. One of the best, and at some times, most worrying things about IE, is being put in an unfamiliar environment. This may be working with people  from different cultures, working with a real client, or even just the framework you are using to develop. It is very daunting to start, but after putting some time in, and working at solving the issues, it turns into an amazing experience.

“Rather than spending a couple of weeks making a small website for an assignment, you get to spend a whole year working on something that you can come out proud of, that will exceed the personal expectations you have on your different skills and qualities. It's such a well structured unit, and you're basically put in a situation that suits you, and your team.

“It makes it much easier to get this experience now, so we know what it's going to be like in the workforce. The skills, issues, and personal qualities that we have all learnt and gained from completing this subject, will be held with me for life. I can safely say, that due to my experiences in Industry Experience, the transition into my job next year will be much smoother.

“I would recommend that everyone does IE, and goes into it with an open mind, because it really is something that will be invaluable as long as you put the time in.”

Ryan Kort

Industry Experience student

"Watching the evolution of our project and the other IE projects is quite amazing, going from a single sheet description of the proposed system to a fully developed and deployed system, adding enormous value to the company."

Katherine Collins

Industry Experience student

"The IE project also encourages us to work with people we've never met before, from differing backgrounds and experiences. This means that international students have the opportunity to gain exposure to an Australian working environment, and the Australian students have the opportunity to work with students from different cultures."

Jason Chua

Industry Experience student

"The mentors were always there to provide us with help and guidance throughout the project."

James Turner

Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems Project Analyst, Australia Post

"I'm working on a new app 'Parcel Send' – very cool and lots of fun. I've done everything from requirements gathering to design and testing. It's funny that all the things we learnt in IE about the 'real world' have been so very true. So far sitting in meetings and talking to people and the type of work we are doing – wow – IE has helped so much!"