At Monash IT we offer two types of undergraduate courses – Comprehensive and Specialist. Both offer access to the same teaching expertise, the same hands-on learning, and the same employer-recognised accredited courses. But the type that suits you best will depend on what areas you’re interested and where you want your studies to take you.

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Comprehensive courses

Monash Comprehensive courses allow you to start broadly, and then narrow down your studies as you go.

So if you’re still deciding where you’d like your studies to take you, but you’ve got a broad field in mind, a Monash Comprehensive course offers the opportunity to try a range of subjects in your first year, before choosing your major area of study.

Alternatively, if you already know what your major study area is going to be, you can choose the Comprehensive course that offers that major, but then also select from a wide range of additional subjects to suit your interests and broaden your knowledge.

Bachelor of Information Technology

Specialist courses

If you already know exactly what you want to do, and you really only want to do that, a Specialist course may be for you. Our specialist courses allow you to concentrate on one particular area of study right form the start, giving you the focus and depth required for entry into many careers as a graduate.

Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced (Honours)

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

Do what you love – choose your own electives

It follows that if you do what you love, you’ll love what you do, right? All of our single IT undergraduate courses offer you a huge variety of subject choices through elective units. This means you can tailor a part of your studies to align them with the areas you’re most interested in. Maybe you’ll delve deeper into more into specialised areas of IT, or maybe you’ll choose subjects from other disciplines like languages, accounting, or education. It’s up to you (and what you love).

What type of laptop will I need for my IT degree at Monash?

When choosing a laptop, the choice is completely yours. You will need to consider your personal preference including cost, versatility, connectivity and weight. Current students generally use Apple IOS (Mac), Windows (PC) or Linux operating systems. For most tasks, there are software alternatives that can be used on each of the platforms. Where a unit requires a specific operating system to run particular software, students will have access during labs and on campus. You will need a device that runs general programs such as word processing and spreadsheets, and has enough power to compile programs (which most devices can do at varying degrees of speed).

For our more creative IT study options such as Games Development and Interactive Media, and to perform tasks such as video editing and 3D rendering - we recommend a device that has more memory and a faster processor than a base level model. Hard drives and specialised graphics cards are also recommended for these study areas. For further information, we recommend new students speak with their lecturers during orientation.

Make sure to speak with your mentors during O-week to find out more.

Double the fun

Have you considered teaming your Bachelor of Information Technology or Bachelor of Computer Science with another degree to complete a double degree? This allows you to study towards two different bachelor’s degrees at the same time, providing you with more career flexibility and opportunities.

A double degree course takes at least two years less to complete than studying the two courses separately, because the required units from one course count as electives in the partner course.