Readmission to courses

For a variety of reasons, students may find themselves seeking readmission to their course. We take you through some important details.

Readmission to your course

If you previously studied with the Faculty of Information Technology and are seeking readmission, you will need to reapply for a place at the University. To reapply, please visit our How to apply page

If your course is no longer offered…

If your course is no longer offered, please visit the following pages:

Admission following exclusion for unsatisfactory academic progress

If you have previously been excluded from your studies for unsatisfactory progress, you can apply to be considered for admission into a Monash IT degree. Your application will be considered according to the normal selection criteria and in competition with other applicants.

Acceptance criteria

Applicants should be able demonstrate their ability to progress in an IT degree with at least one or more of the following:

  • evidence of subsequent academic rehabilitation, such as the completion of studies at a tertiary institution, via TAFE or Open Learning
  • evidence of a range of studies, with greater emphasis normally placed on the most recent studies
  • evidence of other measures taken to improve your study skills
  • evidence of appropriate work experience recently undertaken
  • evidence of significant improvement in family and/or personal circumstances that may have affected previous study.

Completion of studies or work experience relevant to IT would be beneficial for readmission into a Monash IT course.

Other than supplying the above supporting documentation, the process for admission is the same as listed on our How to apply page.