Aishwarya Gokhale

Aishwarya Gokhale

Aishwarya Gokhale

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Year commenced: 2019
  • Degree(s): Master of Data Science

Hi, I'm Aishwarya. After completing my Bachelor of Computer Engineering in India, I headed to Australia to do my Master of Data Science. I was attracted by the wonderful climate and high standard of living here. But most importantly I knew that Monash IT offered a fantastic curriculum, with first-rate academics.

I'd heard a lot of talk in IT circles about current trends with big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. So I could see where the market was headed. Then, while working for a couple of years as a software developer and software engineer, I began to explore databases and Python. That's how I stumbled upon the field of data science, which is where I hope to launch my career.

Monash has given me some great networking opportunities. As a Peer Assisted Study Sessions Leader, I coached students through difficult units and, as a Peer Mentor and Super Mentor, I helped first-year undergraduates settle into uni. I also worked with domestic and international recruitment managers in Monash IT Marketing. One thing led to another and I'm now a Student Engagement Administrative Officer for the faculty.

Outside of Monash, I'm a receptionist at an after-hours medical centre. Working on the frontline during the pandemic, I've learned a lot of essential soft skills. These will come in handy in just about any industry after I finish my master's.

Living independently in Australia has given me a taste of freedom, but also a sense of responsibility and self-reliance. It has brought immense discipline and organisation into my day-to-day life, which will enhance all aspects of my personal and professional life in the years ahead.

If you come to Monash, explore everything that the University and Melbourne have to offer. From the dazzling city to nearby beaches and mountains. And from student clubs to volunteering opportunities. Make the most of your time here. What you do at university will not only build your resume, but your character!