Antoni Erdeg

Antoni Erdeg

Antoni Erdeg

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Degree
  • Year commenced: 2016
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Major(s): Games development; Multimedia development

Only one thing beats playing games: making them.

Like most teenagers, Antoni Erdeg had always loved gaming. And then a high school friend inspired him to try his hand at game-making. That led Antoni to explore different aspects of game development and to ultimately choose a Bachelor of Information Technology at Monash.

"With some help from one of my friends, I started dabbling in map design and programming during my early years of high school, and my interest only grew stronger as I got older," says Antoni. "I've found a passion for 3D modelling and programming." He has been involved in the development of a few games, sometimes in the role of project manager."

Why Monash IT?

Impressed by its wide range of highly regarded industry partners, and its industry-based learning (IBL) program, Antoni recognised that studying information technology (IT) at Monash would boost his employability. "The IBL program lets you experience paid work-integrated learning that counts towards your degree," he explains. "It also provides different pathways to give Monash students a head start." Thanks to this program, Antoni spent six months as a software solution developer on the identity services backend team at Australia Post.

Great majors and more

Antoni has learned about game design, story development, programming, 3D modelling and theory in his games development major. "The major allows lots of flexibility within the creative development process of game design," he remarks. "You develop ideas into a physical format so that you and your classmates have a chance to play and test game prototypes."

Of his multimedia development major, Antoni says, "This focuses more on the creative side of IT. It involves the creation of characters and 3D objects via Maya (a 3D computer graphics application), as well as graphic design elements like infographics, which test your creativity and advance your skills in Photoshop."

Antoni also appreciates his proactive and engaging teachers, and friendly fellow students, who create a supportive class environment. "I've loved being involved in group activities, with each group providing a unique experience," he shares. "This has helped me to develop my interpersonal skills and shape my ability to communicate ideas to the team."

Beyond his studies

Outside the classroom, Antoni has been a student representative for the Faculty of Information Technology. "This has given me an opportunity to engage with my peers on a broad range of subjects," he reports. "I relay any issues experienced by individual students within a unit directly to the board of directors, and head of each unit, so that they can improve the learning experience. I'm the voice of students."

Additionally, Antoni has a part-time job in an industry unrelated to IT. "Working in another environment gives me a chance to think about assignments or general classwork in a more relaxed state of mind," he reveals. "This helps prevent writer's block and tunnel vision when completing assignments."

His career aspirations

Antoni now has his eye on the future, with many possibilities – from team manager to research role. And he could see himself as a backend software programmer or backend game developer. The list goes on. With Monash IT training under his belt, Antoni will enter the workforce ready for almost anything.