Fariha Tasmin Jaigirdar

Fariha Tasmin Jaigirdar

Fariha Tasmin Jaigirdar

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Graduate Research
  • Year commenced: 2017
  • Degree(s): Doctor of Philosophy
  • Department: Software Systems and Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity group

Inspired by a smart world

My IT journey began in the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. I studied computer science during my undergraduate studies and master’s degree. I loved and enjoyed the analytical nature of the study, and that’s what inspired me to switch to IT for my postgraduate studies.

With the emergence of smart homes, smart transport systems and smart healthcare, technological advancement has officially reached the phase of making the whole world ‘A Smart Global Solution’. I believe I can play a significant role in this innovation revolution.

A safe space to excel

Monash is one of the top ranked universities in the world and sits in Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight – which is why it has been a long-term dream of mine to pursue my graduate research here.

Coming from an underdeveloped country and being a woman in the IT field, I’ve faced many challenges in my studies and surroundings. However after joining Monash, I feel like I was revived.

Equal opportunity is given to every student regardless of gender, race or sexuality. And I’ve found that the community at Monash doesn’t just show common decency to one another, but it goes one step further to cherish the value that each person brings.

Studying at Monash has truly helped me believe in my power as a woman and move forward with my own identity.

An expert in data trustworthiness and risk estimation

Through my PhD research, I am contributing to cybersecurity research with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Health.

With the colossal growth of smart devices in different sectors worldwide, challenges in maintaining data security are also increasing. The success of using such devices in the healthcare industry, such as smart health monitoring devices, depends strongly on secure and reliable data propagation. Different examples of data breaches have already made the news. Therefore, estimating the associated risks and designing and managing a trusted system is crucial.

My research project addresses data trustworthiness in an IoT-Health architecture by considering interlayer dependency from a security point of view using a data provenance-based approach. Through the analysis of high-tech explainable AI decision-making systems, including the dynamic refugee medical record management systems in Rohingya, I have proposed a novel security-aware IoT provenance model as well as its relevant protocols.

Ups and downs

The highlight of my graduate research experience was the endless support from my supervisors who made every second of my research journey enjoyable and educational. I felt myself becoming more confident day-by-day.

The most challenging part was definitely working from home because I have a kid who was also being homeschooled. However, I am extremely lucky to have a supportive husband and a cooperative faculty, who made the journey easy for me.

Dare to dream

After graduation, I want to be further involved in research and academia. Monash has definitely helped me on my journey towards chasing this dream. I believe my academic excellence and networking abilities will help me contribute positively to academia.

I also want to support different equity and diversity groups so that people from all around the world will always feel welcomed at Monash.

Ripe with opportunity

I am currently serving as a Graduate Research Committee student representative for the Department of Software Systems and Cybersecurity. I am also a member of the Monash Bangladesh Student Association and the Monash University Islamic Society. Moreover, I am working as a convenor for the FIT HDR Women group. These clubs and associations have helped me in enhancing my networking and leadership skills.

I’ve always had the biggest fear of swimming, and I succeeded in overcoming it at Monash Sport. I also started cycling again and I had the unique opportunity to interact with snakes at a Monash Graduate Research meet-up. I put one around my neck!

Pearls of wisdom for future students

Monash’s Faculty of IT is truly a place where you can learn, network and enjoy a bunch of unique experiences. You’ll always feel connected and supported by the excellent administrative and academic team.