Zifeng Guo

Zifeng Guo

Zifeng Guo

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Degree
  • Year commenced: 2016
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Major(s): Business information systems; Computer networks and security

What attracted you to IT?

Creativity and logic.

IT is a field that things change rapidly and there are always innovations and creation. So in IT field we can create something new and unique, think about it, it's really exciting, isn’t it?

But all the innovations and creativity are based on solid logic, which is something we can learn in university. All the knowledge and logic we learn, bit by bit, building up towards what we can create and invent. And the logic can also be used in other areas and thinking logically is important for doing everything.

Why did you choose Monash?

Monash’s good reputation, Group of Eight membership, worldwide high ranking and the location, I love Melbourne!

There are a lot of academic and extracurricular activities available for students and there is a huge number of students in Monash from all over the world, which means that I can make friends with students from different backgrounds and learn more about different countries.

What are your majors and why did you choose them?

Business Information Systems: using IT to serve business needs. It includes analysis based on information systems, decision making, and IT-based problem solving.

Computer Networks and Security: design and develop computer networks and protect the security of the organization. It involves network architecture and cyber security.

The reason why I choose these double majors is because Computer Network and Security is more technical and theoretical, while Business Information System is more non-technical and practical. These two majors complement each other and involve broader areas in the IT field.

Apart from study, what else are you involved in both at Monash and off campus?

Monash PERMACULTURE club. I met great friends and spent wonderful time through the club activities. My skills such as communication, problem solving and learning new knowledge in new environment have also been developed and improved through the club activities.

What advice do you have for prospective students starting at Monash next year?

Try everything! From clubs to student organizations, from library sessions to guest speaking, from consultations to friendly lecturers’ offices, make the best use of every minute in Monash, just try everything!