Jiangning Song

Why did you choose Monash?

Monash University is a member of the Group of Eight in Australia and one of the top universities in the world. Monash has more than 20 different subjects that are ranked within the World Top 50 according to the QS Subject rankings. It also has a world-class reputation for its cutting-edge research in data science, artificial intelligence and digital health, and provides an ideal and stimulating environment for cross-disciplinary PhD research training.

Describe your area of research.

My research area is highly cross-disciplinary, involving biomedicine, heterogeneous data modelling, sequence analysis, machine learning, feature engineering, data mining, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence. With the overwhelming amount of complex and heterogeneous data generated, we have unprecedented opportunities but also profound challenges as to how to effectively respond to the real world’s demands in a timely manner. In this context, I uncovered a very strong passion in solving real-world problems by developing algorithms, tools, software and web servers to identify significant features/patterns and generate testable prediction outcomes from the data in a cost-effective manner. Down the track, I further honed skills in data analytics, machine learning and AI by working with my supervisors, colleagues and collaborators to extrapolate the machine learning models and enable knowledge discovery. Importantly, the prospect and rationale of being able to transform (whether limited or big) data into knowledge to support responsive decision making extremely fascinated me.

What is your favourite memory or highlight about Monash?

I enjoy walking past the lawns in front of the attractive and well-designed stylish buildings on Clayton campus. There are so many highlights about Monash. I am motivated and encouraged by research breakthroughs, inspirational stories of so many Monash Alumni working in both academia and industry. On reflection, I think the Monash experience has changed my vision for life. I will be forever grateful.

Apart from study, what other activities are you involved in?

My favourite hobbies in spare time include swimming, listening to music, watching movies and travelling. I also enjoy drinking coffee and have had lots of wonderful time catching up with colleagues and friends on campus.