Hiroaki Ito

Hiroaki Ito

Hiroaki Ito

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Double Degree
  • Year commenced: 2019
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Arts

Pursuing a passion for positive change

IT was more of a hobby for me until I realised how technology could change our modern society.

One of the biggest concerns I have is increasing health disparities caused by differences in ethnicity, age, location and other aspects. Such inequity has been particularly evident during the ongoing pandemic where only limited people have access to health services.

My degree in IT allows me to develop crucial expertise so I can pursue my passion for creating change in our society.

I believe my course can provide me with more knowledge of how I can use technology to address the root causes of disparity and make health services more accessible.

Making the most of student life

I’ve been involved in multiple extracurricular activities at Monash and beyond, including the Faculty of IT’s Peer Mentor Program, Monash University Soccer Club and volunteering at the local community radio station. These initiatives helped me step out of my comfort zone and gain a variety of skills that are essential to becoming a better, more capable person, such as communication and leadership.

I’ve also enjoyed Monash’s flexible course structures, which is why I chose the university. Almost all its degrees can be combined and completed within a shorter time, which expands my future career options. The university also offers a range of opportunities to gain industry experience, including the Industry-based Learning program that provides insights into the life of an IT professional.

The highlight of my study so far has been creating a 3D Japanese Temple using Maya and Unity for the final assignment in one of my first-year 3D modelling units. It was an exciting project because I got to explore what I could do, yet at the same time it was challenging.

Pearls of wisdom for future students

Make sure that the units you choose overlap with what you want to study. While Monash offers flexible course progression, some units may only be provided in a specific major. Also take advantage of all the support services that Monash provides, including the PASS sessions and Peer Mentor Program.

When it comes to living in Melbourne, you’ll never get bored. Just living here gives you a dose of a different culture with lovely people and a peaceful environment.