Scram Software

Lead academic: Dr. Ron Steinfeld
Aim: To secure the world’s data in the cloud. Say “scram” to hackers. 

The world is facing cyber threats on an unprecedented scale. Hacking, ransomware and data theft is one of the major challenges that governments and businesses face today. Despite the growing problem, practical and affordable solutions remain scarce, so major data breaches occur on a weekly basis.

Scram Software’s mission is to secure the world’s data in the cloud. By utilising encryption, Scram’s long term aim is to provide a suite of secure cloud-based storage, communication and collaboration tools for businesses. The software would allow users to store, share data with security and privacy, while protecting the data from compromise or sabotage.

Ron Steinfeld, Linus Chang, Trung Dinh with Kevin Mitnick
Dr Ron Steinfeld, Linus Chang, and PhD candidate Trung Dinh, with world famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick

The technical challenge of researching and developing data security solutions cannot be understated. In Monash University, Scram Software found a trustworthy and authoritative partner to research and design their cryptographic systems. Scram Software needed the highest level of expertise to solve problems that had never been attempted before. Monash IT’s Dr. Ron Steinfeld, one of the world’s leading academics in cryptographic research, has been working with Scram in a multi-year engagement.

The research and expertise provided by Monash University ensures that Scram’s cryptographic systems are at the forefront of the state-of-the-art. Together Scram Software and Monash IT have already solved many challenges in achieving scalable data security, and are well on the way to providing the market with products that make the cloud safe and secure for everyone.

Scram Software

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