Adeline Tjendra

Adeline Tjendra

Adeline Tjendra

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Degree
  • Year commenced: 2019
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Specialisation: Business Information Systems and Data Science

Curiosity-driven career

I chose to study IT because I was curious about how technology advances at such an accelerated rate.

There were times during my studies where I wasn’t sure if this was the right field for me, but it was the curiosity that kept me going – and it’s what will lead me into a number of different career pathways in the future.

Chasing excellence across oceans

I’m from Indonesia, and when deciding on a university to pursue my undergraduate degree, I knew I wanted to study overseas to broaden my perspectives.

I decided on Monash as my university because not only is it one of the top universities in Australia, but it also has a high global ranking. I was also drawn to how Monash puts equal priority on both practical and theoretical knowledge because I do believe it will better prepare me for my future workplace.

One step at a time

My Monash journey began with the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY), a one-year program dedicated to developing the skills and foundational knowledge required for your specific undergraduate degree.

I enjoyed my MUFY experience. Being a fairly indecisive person, I appreciated that it gave me the opportunity to dabble in a variety of subjects before I had to decide on which degree I wanted to undertake at  university. Also, the friends that I made in MUFY remain the closest friends I have to this very day.

Come into one’s own

When I arrived in Melbourne I experienced culture shock, but slowly and surely I learned to adapt.

I found that I enjoyed living independently and that Melbourne city is an interesting place to roam around. When I am overwhelmed with work I'll take a short break and go out for a walk.

Pressure makes diamonds

The course I chose was the Bachelor of Computer Science majoring in Business Information Systems and Data Science.

The highlight of my degree would be my final-year project. It was a whole different experience from any other units that I have taken. We used predictive modelling to detect cancer, and it’s by far the coolest and most meaningful thing I’ve done at Monash. I never expected that this experience would be given to a university student. I also appreciated the teamwork involved because it gave me a taste of what a corporate environment is like.

My biggest challenge was learning artificial intelligence theory because it is very complex and demanding work. Luckily enough, Monash has many supportive resources such as peer mentors and consultation sessions for students.

I want to make my family proud of who I have become. So my biggest goal after graduation is to secure a job that solves real-world problems and helps people around the world. I am interested in consulting because I have always wanted to have a business IT-related job.

A champion of work-life balance

Alongside my studies, I was involved in a peer mentor program and IT-related Monash clubs such as the Computing and Commerce Association (CCA) and the IT student society WIRED. It felt very fulfilling to help first-year students while meeting people who have the same interests as me or are studying in the same field.

I’m currently the president of an organisation external to Monash called the Indonesia Student Association where we help Indonesian students adapt to Australian culture. It has helped me upskill my leadership and communication skills.

The world is an oyster

The challenges in entering the field of IT as a woman is that there aren’t many!

Monash has made it a particularly smooth process by creating the Women in IT program which connects women IT students with women mentors from industry. I attended one of their seminars that involved an all-woman panel sharing their experiences. It was motivational and inspiring to learn from women who have been in a similar position as me.

Pearls of wisdom for future students

My advice for future Monash students is to try and have fun! If things don't go as planned, don’t worry because Monash offers a lot of support like course advisers to help you complete your degree and Monash Career Connect to help open up career pathways.

And my advice for life in general: Be growth-oriented. Try, learn and never be scared of failing.