Supplementary assessments

Grading and results update

To support you in achieving the best possible academic outcome during the disruption caused by COVID-19, we’ve made some changes to grading and results.

For specific teaching periods, supplementary assessments:

  • will be offered for all units with a mark between 40 and 49
  • with no limit on the number of units that you can take supplementary assessments for.

For all options available to you and the eligible teaching periods, see the grading and results update.

For units in teaching periods not covered above

You can be granted a supplementary assessment for no more than two failed units in one course. The Chief Examiner for the unit will design a supplementary assessment to assess the failed learning outcomes.

The Board of Examiners may grant you a supplementary assessment if you meet all the following criteria:

  • you received a mark of 45–49
  • you were enrolled in the unit in the last 12 months
  • you've submitted all assessment tasks for the unit
  • you passed all other enrolled units during the same teaching period
  • you would be able to complete your course with a pass for the unit, or failing the unit would significantly impact your ability to progress in your course.

How supplementary assessments are offered

You can't apply for a supplementary assessment. If you're eligible, your faculty will offer it to you and your unit grade will be NS (supplementary assessment granted) until you've completed the supplementary assessment.

The date, time and location of your final supplementary assessment will be appear in your personal timetable in Allocate+. To find out when final assessments are added to your timetable, see final assessment dates. Unless you want to sit your supplementary assessment overseas, there's no fee or paperwork involved.

If the assessment is in some other format, your faculty can advise what this will be.

How this affects your results

Until you complete your supplementary assessment, you'll have an interim result (NS grade). An interim result does not satisfy unit prerequisites and could prevent you from enrolling in some units. If this happens, check your enrolment carefully and seek course advice.

Once you complete a supplementary assessment, the maximum result you can receive is 50% P (pass grade).

Unable to complete a supplementary assessment

If you're unable to complete your supplementary assessment (due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control), you may be eligible for special consideration.

  1. Complete the end-of-semester assessment form (pdf, 0.06 mb).
  2. Attach evidence of your circumstances with supporting documents.
  3. Email your application and documents to

Submit your application no later than two University working days after the assessment deadline.

You'll need to provide documents to support your application. For details on what's acceptable, see supporting documents.

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