Daniel Bull

Daniel Bull

Daniel graduated from Monash with a Bachelor of Computing in 2004. Literally reaching new heights, today he is a 3 x world record holder, Everest summiteer and highly sought-after speaker.

An enlightening university experience

Daniel’s degree taught him lessons that were invaluable to his professional and personal growth. In fact, it was his time at Monash that empowered him to follow his true passions.

Daniel was often overwhelmed with the challenges he was presented with, and they seemed insurmountable at first. What made a difference was trusting his own abilities and the processes he had learned, and giving himself a moment to properly think through solutions despite time pressures – and breaking big problems down into small, manageable tasks. It was also having the courage to reach out when needed, especially during the early days.

In a stand-out final-year software development assignment, Daniel learned a lot about himself and his fellow students, as well as teamwork and leadership. He also discovered that his potential was far greater than what he initially believed, which gave him the confidence to tackle bigger projects in the workforce – beginning with a graduate position at Accenture.

‘It's vital to ask yourself, “When you look back on your life in 10 or 20 years, what do you want those memories to look like?”.

For me this is constantly evolving. I still enjoy pushing myself and aiming high, overcoming challenges, feeling a sense of accomplishment and discovering what I'm capable of. When I was younger, I focused on the summit at all costs. I’ve since realised there are many different routes and approaches we can take in pursuit of our dreams. Now, HOW and WHY I go about achieving something is just as important as WHAT I’m doing.’

A record-breaking career

On 7 May 2017, Daniel became the youngest person in the world to climb the Seven Summits and the Seven Volcanic Summits, including Mount Everest. To put this feat into perspective, more people have stood on the moon.

Then, only a year later, he broke another world record by kayaking one of the highest lakes on earth in the Andes, South America.

In January 2020, Daniel swam the highest lake on earth in the Andes – marking yet another milestone in history.

Driven by a hunger for adventure, a passion for heights and a love of water, Daniel has traversed the globe and scaled the highest mountains in the world under the most extreme conditions. Part and parcel of his journey, Daniel’s travels have also exposed him to new cultures, languages and people.

On top of being a Guinness World Record holder, Daniel is also a popular public speaker at Unstoppabull Speaking. Drawing from his own experiences, he motivates others by talking with honesty and passion about goal setting, teamwork, success, failure, risk-taking, overcoming adversity and achieving what we set out to achieve – no matter how steep the odds.