Student took first prize in China University Cloud Computing Innovation Competition

14 May 2015

Cloud Data Centre

Student Bin Yu supervised by Prof. Jiuxin Cao from Monash-SEU joint school took the first prize in the China University Cloud Computing Innovation Competition. This national competition is held by the China Ministry of Education and is sponsored by ACM Nanjing branch, IBM China, China Internet Innovation Alliance. More than 146 universities and research institutes are involved in this competition with only 40 out of the 497 teams receiving and invitation to take the final round.

Bin Yu is a graduate student from Monash-SEU joint school, and is a member of the final team. He joined Monash-SEU in 2012. He now studies in the Network security key laboratory of Jiangsu province. His supervisor Prof. Jiuxin Cao supported him on his entry: hardware monitor system on cloud data center.

Bin is a main contributor of the team and is in charge of the hardware information gathering module and information analysis module. "Innovation is the key to survive in this fierce competition. We should understand what the enterprise and academy really need. We should ensure our system is more than prototype, it should be deployed in real industrial environment." Bin said.

The cloud data center monitor system is based on OpenStack. It gathers hardware information through IPMI protocol. The hardware information is conveyed into a special format, which can be interpreted by the information metering module called Ceilometer. System administrators can interact with hardware information through Openstack Web interface.

"In big data center, monitor hundreds of servers is not easy. Under the help of this system, administrators can get the hardware information more convenient. They can observe the abnormal hardware sensors through graphic dashboard that is what they really need." said Bin.

To make their system more competitive, they employed Bayesian Decision to forecast potential hardware faults, so that the system administrator can replace the hardware before a disaster happens.

Bin’s research interests include: cloud computing and network security, he in collaboration with Prof. Cao, who has a paper on DoS attacks in cloud data centers which is recommended to the journal Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. In future, the team will deploy their system in a campus-wide data center. "We hope this system is not only a system for this competition, we have shared this system with some firms and they show great interest on our system" said Bin.


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