Current Monash-Data61 research projects

Researchers and PhD candidates from Monash Engineering, Science and IT, are currently collaborating with Data61 on a number of research projects.

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Current Data61/NICTA graduate research projects

PhD Student Project title Research Group Supervisors & Faculty
Bo Chen Mass estimation for high dimensional data Machine Learning Kai Ming Ting (IT),
Reza Haffari (IT)
Muhammed Esgin Practical Techniques for Cloud Computation Privacy Based on Fully Homomorphic Encryption Cybersecurity Ron Steinfeld (IT),
Joseph Liu (IT)
Shan (Dora) He Adaptive modelling for the optimisation of demand management in smart grids Optimisation Campbell Wilson (IT),
Ariel Liebman (IT),
Mark Wallace (IT)
David Hemmi Automated model improvement for stochastic optimisation problems Optimisation Mark Wallace (IT),
Andrea Rendl (NICTA)
Yuan Jin Personalised Micro-blog Search and Retrieval Using Spatio-Temporal Information of Users Data Analytics Mark Carman (IT),
Wray Buntine (IT)
Shangqi Lai Searchable Encryption for Sensitive Data in Social Network Cybersecurity Ron Steinfeld (IT),
Joseph Liu (IT)
Hagen Lauer STriVE - Security and Trust in Virtualized Environments Cybersecurity Carsten Rudolph (IT),
Bala Srinivasan (IT)
Jie (Lewis) Liu Optimal network diagram layout using constraint optimisation Optimisation Kim Marriott (IT),
Tim Dwyer (IT)
Anuradha Madugalla Generativg Tactile Graphics to Improve Blind User Access for Online Instruction Manuals Computer Vision Kim Marriott (IT),
Fatih Porikli
Somayeh Shiri Modelling vehicular traffic flow in large road networks using stochastic cellular automata Optimisation Mark Wallace (IT),
Tim Garoni (Science)
Tatyana Shmanina Named Entities and Relations Extraction from Medical Records Health, Science and Engineering Ingrid Zukerman (IT),
Lawrence Cavedon (NICTA)
Semini Wijekoon Co-optimisation of Power Network and renewable Investment Optimisation Aldeida Aleti (IT),
Ariel Liebman (IT)
Yalong Yang Using heterogeneous data to utilise and understand community connectivity and resilience Optimisation Kim Marriott (IT),
Manuel Cebrian (NICTA)
Bin Yu IoT Security Reference Model and Its Recommended Implementation Cybersecurity Ron Steinfeld (IT),
Joseph Liu (IT)
Poorya ZareMoodi Non-parametric Bayesian Models for Text Machine Learning Reza Haffari (IT)
Wray Buntine (IT)

Completed Data61/NICTA graduate research projects

PhD Student Project title Research Group Supervisors & Faculty
Thomas BochynekTransport network scaling in leaf-cutting ants and slime mouldsOptimisationBernd Meyer (IT),
Martin Christopher Burd (Science)
Ahsan Chowdhury A decoupled s-system based model for reconstruction of gene regulatory network BioInformatics Madhu Chetty (IT),
Manzur Murshed (IT)
James CollierProtein structural alignment problem in biologyComputational BiologyArun Konagurthu (IT),
Maria Garcia de la Banda (IT)
Parthan KasapuruEntropy compressed data structures for the genome assembly problemComputational BiologyArun Konagurthu (IT),
Maria Garcia de la Banda (IT)
Steven KiefferLayout and exploration of large SBGN and other network diagramsOptimisationKim Marriott (IT),
Michael Wybrow (IT)
Dmitry KramarevSoftware defined radio implementation of physical layer network coding in two-way relay channelsHealth, Science and EngineeringEmanuele Viterbo (Engineering),
Yi Hong (Engineering)
Kevin LeoGeneralised Pre-solving for Combinatorial OptimisationOptimisationGuido Tack (IT),
Maria Garcia de la Banda (IT)
Nitin MahadeoTowards mainstream use of iris biometricHealth, Science and EngineeringAndrew Paplinski (IT)
Siddheswar Ray (IT)
Nizamul MorshedInformation Theoretic Dynamic Bayesian Network approach for reconstructing Genetic Networks.BioInformaticsMadhu Chetty (IT),
Terry Caelli (NICTA),
Manzur Murshed (IT)
Ehsan Shareghi NojejdehSemantic representation for biological textMachine LearningAnn Nicholson (IT),
Reza Haffari (IT),
Trevor Cohn (External)
Ahammed Kizhakkethil YousephDynamic Bayesian Network Approach for Studying Regulatory Interactions in CellsComputational BiologyGour Karmakar (IT),
Madhu Chetty (IT),
Rob Evans (University of Melbourne)