Jack Bell

Jack Bell

From the high velocity racing track to an accelerated degree

Jack Bell | Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

Racing is Jack Bell’s passion. It’s clear that when he finished high school, he had one thing on his mind. He tells that it was his “love of Motorsport and car racing” that inspired him to study a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Monash University. Last year, Jack’s application to the sport culminated in him achieving a long-time dream.

After thirteen years of training, Jack won the 2019 Australian Kart Championships, hosted in Port Melbourne. “It was a dream come true. Something I’d been striving for and I finally achieved it.“ Following this victory, he was awarded the opportunity to compete overseas at the 2019 IAME World Finals in Le Mans, France. He attributes his success to his dedicated physical training as well as his calm and concentrated mind on race day.

Jack forged this focused mindset not only through relentless practice, but by immersing every aspect of his life into his passion, striving to understand it from every angle. He is employed by Tony Kart Australia where he builds and prepares vehicles. In his spare time he built himself a racing simulator. The theme continues through his university and co-curricular choices.

Jack Bell

Drawn to Monash by the opportunity to work with one of the best Formula SAE teams in Australia, Jack relishes his time spent as both Driver Manager and Chassis Engineer for Monash Motorsport. “It has given me so much more understanding about race car engineering as well as allowing me to see so many more aspects which I never knew existed,” he tells enthusiastically.

“It allows me to take this knowledge and understanding back into my racing and I can see the similarities into why we make certain changes to the cars.” As an unexpected bonus, Jack has also developed managerial and people skills, which he “naturally built whilst being on the team”.

Given Jack’s high velocity lifestyle, it is perhaps not surprising that he is in the Accelerated Masters Pathway. By adding only a single year to his undergraduate degree, he will attain a masters qualification in Advanced Engineering.

Although he doesn’t see a career for himself as a driver, Jack is prepared to remain in the racing sphere. “That’s where my engineering degree comes in,” he says. “Being able to design, build and race formula cars as part of my degree has brought me so much enjoyment, as well as allowing me to work with my best mates.”

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