Undergraduate courses

A common first year

A Monash Engineering degree provides you with a common first year, giving you time to explore the array of specialisations in engineering before deciding on a particular field.

From second year you begin to specialise in a particular field of engineering studying units from this chosen specialisation. You can broaden your career options further by selecting your electives from another specialisation and graduating with a minor, or from another discipline altogether and graduating with a second degree from another faculty.

The Department of Civil Engineering offers degrees in the following specialisations:


As a Civil or Environmental Engineer, the career opportunities are diverse and you may find yourself working in one of many adjacent fields of Engineering. Selecting your electives from one of our minor programs will ensure that you have the background knowledge required to make strong contributions in your role from day one.

These minors, recognised on your Degree Certificate when you graduate, have four units studied over at least two years. This offers you a depth and breadth of study in the adjacent field which widens your knowledge and enhances your career opportunities – all within your four-year Engineering degree.

Within your Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), specialising in Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering, you can select from one of the following minors. Please note that if you are specialising in Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering you can not select a minor in the same area.

You may also select a minor from another area of Engineering including:

Further information on how you can complement your Engineering specialisation with a minor is available here.

Double Degrees

A double degree allows you to study for two degrees at the same time. You can develop expertise in different but complementary areas, or simply pursue two areas of interest in-depth. The way they are structured enables you to graduate with both awards in a much shorter time than it would take to complete the two degrees individually.

Combining your Engineering Degree with other disciplines offers you flexibility and opens up a myriad of different career opportunities.

With your Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), specialising in Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering, you can select from the following Double Degrees. Please note not all combinations are available with the Environmental Engineering specialisation.

You can find more information about double degree combinations and the Engineering specialisations with which they are available here.

Engineering (Honours) Masters Accelerated Pathway

We also provide the opportunity to integrate your four-year undergraduate qualification with a one-year master degree through our Master of Engineering. This pathway can be selected at the point of entry to your undergraduate degree and provides you with, not only the breadth of an adjacent discipline, but also the depth of knowledge and expertise in your chosen area of interest.

This accelerated program offers a rich selection of specialist electives with strong links to industry. It will also equip you with the important skills looked for by employers including advanced leadership and complex problem solving.

You can find more details about the specialisations available, eligibility and scholarship opportunities here.

How to apply

Everything you need to know about applying for an undergraduate course with Monash Engineering.

How to apply