Internet of Things

Focus areas

  • Internet of Things: Smart home, Wearables, Smart retail, Smart farming, Healthcare, Security
  • RFID (Radio frequency identification): Logistics and supply chain visibility, Inventory tracking, Access control, Realtime location systems
  • Sensor networks: Health care, Fire detection, Water quality monitoring, Air quality monitoring, Data logging

Meet the researchers

Professor Jean Armstrong

My research covers a range of wireless and optical communication topics including visible light communications (VLC), visible light positioning (VLP), OFDM modulation and advanced receiver design for VLC and VLP.


Jean Armstrong
A/Professor Nemai Karmakar

Fundamental and applied research in microwave engineering, antenna technologies, RFID and wireless sensors in a multi-disciplinary collaborations with materials, nono-fabrication, chemical and biomedical engineering. Core research theme: Electromagnetics and Electronics.

Nemai Karmakar
A/Professor Lindsay Kleeman

Research on real time sensing, robotics and digital systems. Examples include sonar, odometry, LIDAR, neuromorphic cameras, FPGA acceleration, mobile robot mapping, and metastability.

 Lindsay Kleeman
Dr. Faezeh Marzbanrad

I am passionate about health technology, saving lives and reducing healthcare costs. My research focuses on advanced signal processing, machine learning and physiological modelling to develop affordable and reliable mobile-health solutions.


Faezeh Marzbanrad
Professor Malin Premaratne

I work in some of the most fundamental areas of electrical engineering including quantum-electrodynamics, charge-transport in nanostructures and photon interactions with waveguides and biological media. Applications of this work include photonics and biomedical engineering.

Malin Premaratne<
A/Professor Mehmet Yuce

I and my students design electronics and integrated circuit technology (IC) circuits to design sensor devices for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and healthcare applications, including wearable and implantable systems.

Mehmet Yuce
Dr Nikola Zlatanov

I develop communication schemes for next-generation wireless networks.


Nikola Zlatanov