Robotics and control

Research focus

Research is conducted on advancing robotic capabilities, automation and intelligent sensing, with applications in a very diverse range of areas including robotic assisted surgery, cell manipulation, unmanned vehicles and service robotics for railways and aerospace maintenance.

Meet the researchers

Prof Sunita Chauhan

Medical robots for minimally-invasive and on-invasive surgery; ultrasound- diagnostics, therapy and surgery; service robotics esp. for railways and aerospace inspection and maintenance, cleaning, sports eng. etc.

On Invasive Surgery


Dr Chao Chen

Dr Chen is interested in solving real-world problems by means of advanced robotic technologies. His research areas include medical robots, industrial robots, parallel robots, haptic devices, and power transmissions.


Dr Hoam Chung

We develop various fundamental technologies for autonomous systems. We specialise in control systems, unmanned vehicles, smart sensing, mechatronic system design, multi-agent systems, and robotics.


Prof Bijan Shirinzadeh

Robotics/Parallel Mechanisms, Micro/Nano Manipulation Mechanisms; Intelligent Sensing and Control: Laser-based Sensing, Measurement and Control; Robotic Assisted Surgery / Haptics; Cell Surgery/Manipulation; Complex/Autonomous Systems; Automation and Manufacturing Sciences: Automated Fibre Placement, Fixturing and Machining.



Dr Elahe Abdi

Dr. Abdi is interested in medical and surgical robotics, human-robot interaction, design of human-machine interfaces, haptics, control, behavioural studies, application of robotics in neuroscience and soft tissue modelling.