Richard Mannix

Richard Mannix

Richard Mannix

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Year commenced: 2016
  • Degree(s): Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management

How has studying in the MIEM assisted you in career development/planning?

Studying the MIEM has significantly helped in my career development. I have gained new technical skills relevant to my role and I now understand strategic decision making within my organisation at a far greater depth than previously. I have also found that unit content is highly relevant to industry needs and trends which has also benefitted my career development.

Would you recommend others to study in MIEM? Why?

I would definitely recommend the MIEM to others, especially to those who wish to, or currently work in the water or transport sectors.  I have found the learnings I have gained so far to be very portable, and have also found that the critical thinking required in each unit so far has improved my analytical thinking and technical report writing. The way the MIEM unit information is presented and the guidance provided from lecturers has also been fantastic. I ask a lot of questions and am always provided with really valuable feedback and direction so I feel very supported.  Overall the student experience at Monash is great.

Has your current role changed or are you still in the Emergency Planning Officer role at Southern Rural Water and now it’s a year later, have your plans for what you hope to do after completing your masters changed?

Since beginning the MIEM, my role has changed from Emergency Planning Officer to Emergency Planning & Hydrology Manager. With the strengthening of my hydrology and hydraulics skills in particular, I have been able to take on additional technical responsibilities which has assisted me in progressing within my organisation. After I graduate my intention is to continue to build my technical and management skills in the area of dam safety risk management and flood hydrology.

Why did you choose Monash?

I chose Monash because of its reputation as one of Australia’s premier universities for engineering education.

What made you choose the course you studied?

I chose the Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management at Monash due to the course structure and its direct relevance to industry. The ability to tailor my course and select water engineering subjects in the elective stream was a standout feature of the course for me, being employed in the water industry. The flexible delivery mode is also great way to balance studying and working full time.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

I would encourage students to make the most of the available resources offered by the University and not to be afraid to ask questions. The most insightful learning experiences I’ve had while at Monash have been those where I’ve asked questions. The university has great resources and the faculty staff are very approachable and always willing and happy to assist when asked.

What is your current role at work, and what do you hope to do after graduating?

I work at a water corporation in the headworks (dams) engineering team. My role as Emergency Planning & Hydrology Manager requires an in-depth understanding of our infrastructure and its operation, as I am responsible for emergency risk management and planning with a strong focus on flood hydrology, incident management, dam safety and project management. I am also involved in asset management and engineering inspections of our dams.

After I graduate my intention is to continue to build my technical and management skills in the area of dam safety risk management and flood hydrology.