Sushant Powar

Sushant Powar

Sushant Powar

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Degree(s): Master of Advanced Engineering
  • Major(s): Mechanical engineering

What would you say to someone considering studying this course?

The Master of Advanced Engineering is a unique program which allows you to develop your technical skills and transferable skills such as leadership qualities and time management. I would highly recommend studying this course at Monash which has world-class research facilities and better industrial connections. Moreover, the industrial engagement programs such as Work Integrated Learning (WIL), MITI expand your technical horizons and add to your valuable industry connections. It would not only make you a good engineer but a better leader.

What makes this course at Monash special? What are the advantages of doing it at Monash?

As one of the Group of Eight with an excellent reputation for Engineering Research, studying this course at Monash is appealing due to its research-intensive curriculum and industry-focused learning outcomes. The early exposure to state-of-art facilities such as Wind-Tunnel, Immersive Visualization Facilities, Monash 3D Printing Labs (Woodside), Institute of Railway Technology (IRT), etc helps students to build a better understanding of engineering phenomena and allows them to develop complex problem-solving skills.

Additionally, the combination of Advanced Design Project and Research Methods modules allow students to solve a real-world problem and develop research skills respectively. Besides, the Faculty of Engineering generously gives scholarship up to $10000 per student for high achievers in the coursework.

How has this course changed your life? Has it the potential to change the world?

I consider my coursework at Monash to be a milestone on my journey toward proficiency. I did my undergraduate program back home in India and in the transition period, Monash was my likeliest choice of study because of its reputation for engineering and tie-ups with institutes like IIT-B. Since my undergraduate time, I have the interest to do my research fluid dynamics and very fortunately, I received the exposure and right guidance in this field at Monash. Moreover, this course has equipped me with the required skill-set to solve present-world complex problems. Without this course, I wouldn't have been in a position to develop software skills in MATLAB, FLUENT, and Abaqus.

Whatever knowledge and exposure I gain through this course I aspire to apply and adapt for my professional development and community's welfare and this course is giving me the required edge to achieve my goals. Undoubtedly, this course has the potential to kindle the latent talents in the budding engineers and bring about the positive change in the world.