Intermission (study leave)

Once you have started your course you may choose to apply for study leave. Usually, leave is granted for a maximum of 12 months at a time. This is one full year or two consecutive semesters. You can also apply for study leave for one semester.

  • If you need to take a longer period of study leave, you must re-apply when the initial period expires.
  • If you want to return early, contact your faculty.

You are required to complete your degree within a certain timeframe, which includes periods of intermission. See study load and attendance.

When to apply

To avoid financial and academic penalties, apply for intermission during the enrolment period. If you plan to go on study leave for only one semester, you need to re-enrol in the other semester. For specific dates, see re-enrolment for coursework students.


If you decide to apply for intermission after re-enrolling, submit your application before the semester census date to limit academic and financial penalties.

When applying for intermission before the census date, you can apply for a fee refund or remission of loan debt. Refunds will not be given if you apply after the census date, other than under exceptional circumstances.

Eligibility and how to apply

Domestic coursework students

International students

If you're on a student visa, approval for study leave is given only for compassionate or compelling circumstances. This means a situation which is beyond your control and making it difficult for you to maintain your enrolment. The reasons may include family, medical or wellbeing.

Examples of compassionate or compelling circumstances include:

  • a serious illness or medical condition affecting your ability to study
  • bereavement of a close family member where you need to provide assistance or support
  • social or political upheaval in your country, affecting your family
  • course progress restrictions or unit unavailability.

How to apply for study leave

  1. Talk to an adviser at Monash Connect about how intermission affects your visa
  2. Make sure you get the adviser's name and a reference number
  3. Complete the online intermission form

Research students

Apply for leave or suspension/termination of your scholarship by using the Application for leave online form.

Outcomes and notification

  • You will receive notification within two weeks by email to your Monash account.
  • Keep checking your Monash email account for important information while you are on study leave.
  • Inform the University of any postal address change so re-enrolment information can be sent to you.

During your study leave

While you're on study leave:

  • you remain a student of Monash University
  • any enrolled units will be automatically discontinued
  • you must keep your contact details up to date to receive communication from the University.

Returning from study leave

You will receive a reminder to re-enrol in early September. You must re-enrol during this time to avoid a late fee. See re-enrolment for coursework students.