How to enrol and re-enrol

Whether you’re new to Monash or re-enrolling for another year, keep an eye on this page for important updates and instructions regarding your course. And if you’re ready to enrol right now, jump through to the Monash online Web Enrolment System.

Ready to enrol right now?

Head to the Monash online Web Enrolment System to enrol or re-enrol for your course.

Please note: check your enrolment dates carefully and don’t be late – fines may apply for late enrolments, and places may be forfeited. Important enrolment dates

Need to defer your VTAC offer?

Have you been accepted into your course but can’t make a start this year? If you wish to defer your offer and take up your place next year instead, you can apply online. Here we show you how.

Making changes to your enrolment?

Sometimes it’s necessary to make changes to your enrolments. So if you need to take a break from your studies, if you want to add or remove units, or perhaps arrange a transfer (among other things) – we can show you how.

Unsatisfactory academic progress

Each year, for a range of reasons, some students will not make sufficient academic progress in their coursework. Find out more

Going on exchange?

If you’ve received faculty approval to undertake an exchange at a partner institution next year, you’ll need to re-enrol at Monash. Here are some details you’ll need to be aware of.