Re-enrolment information for current students

Re-enrolment dates and timeline

Level one students undertaking branch selection

Students enrolled in level one of the following programs will undertake branch selection and will re-enrol in engineering units on Wednesday 7 December 2016 after the branch selection process has been completed following the release of semester two results:

  • E3001 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
  • E3002 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts
  • E3003 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce Specialist
  • E3004 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor Biomedical Science
  • E3005 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce
  • L3002 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Laws

Students enrolled in level one of 4634/E3002, 4635/E3005 and 3363/L3002 should re-enrol in their non-engineering units in the Web Enrolment System (WES) before re-enrolment closes.

Information about the branch selection process and re-enrolment for these level one students is available on the branch selection page.

All other coursework students

Please read the re-enrolment for coursework students information first as this includes all relevant dates and processes.

How do I choose my units?

  1. Understand your course requirements using the University handbook from the year you started your current course.
  2. Once the 2017 handbook is publicised (31 October), check the handbook for units on offer and choose your units.
  3. Discuss your enrolment and unit selection with your course adviser.

Why can't I enrol in some units via WES?

You may not be able to enrol in some units if:

  • You have not met the pre-requisite or a co-requisite for a unit.
  • This unit is prohibited with a unit that you already completed/enrolled in.
  • It is a unit that is offered but which has a restricted enrolment. These units are normally barred from WES and require students to enrol manually [WES Barred Units 2017 (PDF, 0.15 MB)].

Contact your course adviser for further advice and to discuss your options.

What if I do not re-enrol in units or intermit during the re-enrolment period?

You may be discontinued from your course, see late or failure to re-enrol information. If you wish to be considered for re-admission you must contact the Faculty of Engineering directly. You will need to explain in writing the reasons for not re-enrolling and email it to

The faculty will determine if there are any places available and if you are permitted to re-enrol an automatic late fee will apply.

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