Re-enrolment information for current students

Re-enrolment dates and timeline

Level one specialisation selection

You will be able to select your engineering specialisation on WES when re-enrolment open in October. Once you have selected your specialisation, you will be able to enrol in your units for next year.

All students

Please read the re-enrolment for coursework students information first as this includes all relevant dates and processes.

How do I choose my units?

  1. Understand your course requirements using the your course map and handbook from the year you started your current course.
  2. Check the handbook for units on offer and choose your units.
  3. Discuss your enrolment and unit selection with your course adviser if you have questions.

Why can't I enrol in some units via WES?

You may not be able to enrol in some units if:

  • You have not passed the prerequisite or a corequisite for a unit
  • The unit is prohibited with a unit that you already completed/enrolled in
  • The unit has a quota or restricted enrolment. The following units are barred from WES and require students to enrol manually:
    • CHE4164 Integrated industrial training
    • CIV2283 Civil engineering construction
    • ENG5008 Work integrated learning
    • Engineering co-operative education units
    • Exchange, study abroad and complementary study units coded (EEH, ESA or ECL)
    • Graduate Research units coded XXXX6000.

Contact your course adviser for further advice and to discuss your options.

What if I don't re-enrol or intermit?

You will no longer have a place in your course and will be discontinued. You will need to explain in writing the reasons for not re-enrolling and email it to Please note that places in engineering are very limited in the current environment so there may not be a place for you.

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