Specialisation selection

2017 Mid-Year Dates

Tues 22 May 2017
12.00pm - System opens online for preference submission

Fri 02 June 2017
Final day for preference submission

Tues 11 July 2017
3.00pm onwards:
Allocations available in system
Specialisation enrolment for semester 2 via WES

Submit your preferences in the specialisation selection online form

At the end of first year, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and its double degrees with arts, biomedical science, commerce, science and law select one branch of engineering to specialise in. The following combinations apply for double degrees.

 Arts Biomedical Science Commerce Doubles Law Science
Aerospace n/a
Electrical and Computer Systems
Environmental n/a n/a
Mechatronics n/a n/a
Software n/a n/a

Students enrolled in the double degree with Science choose their specialisation at the end of semester 1 in second year. Normally students are enrolled into the mid-year branch selection code ENG2001 (12cp) for semester 2 in second year.

Mid-year entry students undertake branch selection at the end of the second semester of study and are notified about the process by email towards the end of semester one. Normally students are enrolled into the mid-year Branch Selection code ENG2000 (24cp) for semester 2.

Students enrolled at the Malaysia campus should refer to the School of Engineering for information relating to branch selection and enrolment into their engineering specialisation.

How do I find out about each of the branches of engineering?

Aerospace engineering

Chemical engineering

Civil engineering

Electrical and computer systems engineering

Environmental engineering

Materials engineering

Mechanical engineering

Mechatronics engineering

Mining engineering

Software engineering

You can also refer to the following online resources (if you haven't already):

Attend the Engineering Information Fair:

The Engineering Information Fair will be held in semester two. Gather information and speak to department representatives to learn more about each specialisation.

Other resources:

Speak to department representatives and draw on your knowledge of the first year engineering units you have studied.

Printed materials may be available:

  • Aerospace engineering: room G01, 17 College Walk (Building 31)
  • Chemical engineering: room 226, 16 Alliance Lane (Building 35)
  • Civil engineering: room 106, 23 College Walk (Building 60)
  • Electrical and computer systems engineering: room 102, 14 Alliance Lane (Building 72)
  • Environmental engineering: room 106, 23 College Walk (Building 60)
  • Materials engineering: room 106, 22 Alliance Lane (Building 69)
  • Mechanical engineering: room G01, 17 College Walk (Building 31)
  • Mechatronics engineering: room G01, 17 College Walk (Building 31)
  • Mining engineering: room 106, 23 College Walk (Building 60)
  • Software engineering: ground floor, 25 Exhibition Walk (building 63)

Further information may also be available from professional associations such as:

Entry requirements for engineering specialisations

Some branches require students to meet specific academic criteria in order to be eligible to apply for entry e.g. you may be required to have achieved a pass grade or above in a particular unit.

Aerospace Engineering: Students must achieve a minimum pass grade of 50 P in ENG1005.

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering: Students must achieve a minimum pass grade of 50 P in both ENG1005 and ENG1060.

Mechanical Engineering: Students must achieve a minimum pass grade of 50 P in ENG1005. 

Mechatronics Engineering: Students must achieve a minimum pass grade of 50 P in ENG1005.

Students who have not completed all unit requirements in engineering at level 1 may not be allocated into their selected engineering specialisation until completion of relevant first year units e.g. single degree <36 credit points, double degree <30 credit points. In this case, students should  seek  course  advice  from  the  Faculty Office, ground floor, 14 Alliance Lane and undertake specialisation selection at the end of the next semester.

The specialisation selection process

Towards the end of the relevant semester students are sent an email from the faculty providing information on how to submit specialisation preferences online. Students should list two branches of engineering in order of preference by 2 June 2017 for mid-year and 27 October 2017 for end-of-year specialisation selection.

Your two branch preferences will be entered into a program. When results are published the program will make a branch allocation based on:

  • your preferences
  • your results
  • the academic criteria for the branch

When can I find my specialisation allocation?

Your specialisation allocation will be listed in the specialisation selection online form after 3:00pm on 11 July 2017 for mid-year and 5 December 2017 for end-of-year specialisation selection.

Enrolling in your specialisation

You are required to enrol into your units via WES once you have been allocated into your level 2 specialisation.

Mid-year enrolment: Tuesday 11 July 2017 (after 3:00pm) 
Semester 2, 2017 units

End-of-year enrolment: Wednesday 6 December 2017
Semester 1 & 2, 2018 units 

If you have passed all of your units you can enrol online in WES on this day only. You don't have to come to the faculty in person. However, if you have not passed 48 credit points at level one, you may need to attend the Faculty Office in person between 9 am and 4 pm for course advice.

Mid-year students should remove ENG2000 to allow enrolment into second year units in Semester 2.

Students enrolled in double degrees will enrol in units for both their engineering and partner faculty degree at this time.