Living laboratory

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Redevelopment of the civil engineering water lab into a green, living laboratory
Building 37, 17 Alliance Lane

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The reinvention of the Keller Hydraulics Laboratory will provide an opportunity to showcase Monash University’s outstanding research and demonstrate the motivation for transforming our grey urban areas into green, liveable and productive urban spaces that provide water treatment and reuse, food production, urban cooling functions and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

Utilizing the existing framework of ‘Frank’s shed’, the inclusion of green infrastructure such as living roofs/walls and a state of the art greenhouse that can be transferred into an open-air setting transforms the facility into a truly “living laboratory”, appropriate to the innovative and globally relevant research underway by the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University.

Amongst the research and showcase elements provided are raingardens, bio-filtration showcase plots, tanks, permeable paving display, analytics laboratory, underground reservoir, living scaffolds and fabrication spaces. The facility includes a first-floor greenhouse facility which will allow testing and validation of newly developed urban water treatment and other sensing technologies.

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