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Understanding AI: it’s speed and algorithms, not magic

The immense possibilities and sizeable challenges created by rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence and data science were among the most hotly discussed issues at the 2018 Monash Global Leaders’ Summit.

My Health Record_Lens

My Health Record: think about the status quo before opting out

In 2017, Victorian resident Mettaloka Halwala died after his cancer test results that showed signs of fatal lung toxicity were faxed to the wrong number. The Victorian coroner ruled his death could have been prevented had he not been let down by

Information Technology
SensiLab Perfection Exhibition

SensiLab installation questions perfection of the senses

Science Gallery Melbourne has selected SensiLab’s thought-provoking virtual reality installation “Diffability” to appear in their next pop-up exhibition series, “PERFECTION” this month.

SensiLab Deep Learning

SensiLab research in Creative AI and visualisation has been given a boost through support from NVIDIA

Monash University has long been an advocate of GPU computing technologies and has recently formed a formal partnership with NVIDIA.

Digital Circuitry

Turning the cybersecurity spotlight on the Pacific

A digital tsunami is engulfing the Pacific. Undersea cables are gradually bringing high-speed internet connections, with all its thrills and risks, to remote island nations.

Hayden Keep at YouTube

Mixing with Monash game-changers in the Big Apple

When Monash FIT student Hayden Keep spotted the innovation theme of the Global Discovery Program's 2018 New York City study tour, he figured he'd be a perfect fit.

Digital AI Summit

Monash University leading the conversation on artificial intelligence

Professor Phil Cohen will be a keynote speaker at the Digital A.I Summit. He will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of current "conversational A.I" technology, and provide a way forward that promises to overcome their limitations.


What ants can teach us about collaboration

Ant colonies are sometimes compared to cities, because myriad individuals carry out and coordinate many complex tasks simultaneously.

Doctor using laptop

Opting out of My Health Records? Here’s what you get with the status quo

Australians have just under three months to decide whether they want a My Health Record, which would allow the various health professionals who look after them to access and share their health information.