Outstanding FIT students recognised

26 April 2018

Arvin Wiyono awarded Dux of Undergraduate

The spotlight was on student academic achievement and excellence at the annual Cliff Bellamy Awards Ceremony held at Monash University on Tuesday 17 April.

The awards are named after the founding Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, Professor Cliff Bellamy. Held annually in his honour, the awards are a chance to recognise some of the Faculty’s brightest students.

Arvin Wiyono said he was humbled to be awarded Dux of Undergraduate for being the top graduating student in the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours).

“For me, 2017 was the year of experimentation in which I decided to take the Honours course. The biggest limitation was nonetheless the fact that English is my second language and writing a 100-page thesis was a challenge. However, I did believe that I was bigger than my problem and paths to my goal would unfold if I persevered,” Arvin said.

“It's been a memorable journey to get to this point and couldn't have done it without support from some people, and yet, I am still continuously learning,” he said.

Students gathered at Monash’s Caulfield Campus to celebrate with friends, family and academic staff including the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Professor Jon Whittle.

Professor Jon Whittle said the Cliff Bellamy Awards were an opportunity for staff to recognise some of the Faculty’s outstanding students highlighting their academic achievements over the past year.

“Our teaching staff at Monash understand they have a leading role to play in shaping the future of IT. They are preparing our students for the professions of the future in a rapidly changing world, and equipping them for life,” Professor Whittle said.

“We are fortunate at Monash to have some of the top IT students in the country and around the world. The standard of the cohort is impressive. We’re not just educating students to work in IT - we are educating them to lead in IT. I congratulate all award recipients,” he said.

The award recipients include:

Noel Craske Award Nicholas Aladar Young
Lim Hang Yang
Knowledge Management Award
(Sponsored by Knowledge Management)
Kieran Corneilus Hegarty
Commbank Cyber Prize Alexander Maxwell Knight
Kenneth Cheng Onn Ng

Dean’s Achievement Award Undergraduate

Bachelor of Computer Science Joshi Saurabh
Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Benjamin Geoffrey Parker
Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced (Honours) Jackson Goerner
Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Science Cameron Stollery
Bachelor of Computer Science Kenneth Cheng Onn Ng
Bachelor of Computer Science Zhihao Pei
Bachelor of Computer Science Adrian Kristanto
Bachelor of Software Engineering Joshua Xavier Nelsson-Smith
Bachelor Informatics and Computation Advanced (Honours) Lee Loong Kuan

Dean’s Achievement Award Postgraduate

Master of Data Science Angus Dempster
Master of Data Science Lynn Miller
Master of Data Science Nassar Islam Hany Abbas
Master of Data Science Letian Wang
Master of Data Science Linda Woodburn

Bellamy Awards

Bellamy Award First Year Draga Doncila Pop
Bellamy Award Second Year Michael Louyao Cui
Bellamy Award Third Year David Lei

Dux of Undergraduate

Bachelor of Business Information Systems Brendan Daron Kotzen
Bachelor of Computer Science (Sponsored by AE Capital) Alexander Maxwell Knight
Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems Isabel Suizi Mai
Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) Arvin Wiyono
Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Vijay-Luxmi Maistry
Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) Chenyang Wang

Dux of Postgraduate

Master of Business Information Systems Lorraine Rose
Master of Information Technology Yingchen Liu
Master of Networks and Security Kuo Zhao
Master of Data Science Lynn Miller

2017 Recognition of University Awards Received by Information Technology Students

Academic medal for graduate excellence in graduate and postgraduate coursework study Lynn Miller
Academic medal for excellence in graduate and postgraduate coursework study Trevor Douglas Yann
Sir John Monash Medal Julie Hillel
University medal for undergraduate academic excellence Chenyang Wang


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