Do it with DATA: Tackling climate change

Do it with DATA: Tackling climate change

Tuesday, 29 June 2021
9 am - 3 pm (AEST)

Now considered the most valuable resource on earth, data is a strong contender in the battle against humanity’s greatest challenge – climate change.

If you’re looking to combine your interest in maths with your passion for sustainability, Do it with DATA: Tackling climate change is the place to start. A great school holiday activity for Year 12s with many workshops, this event will:

  • delve into how data can be harnessed to reverse climate change and create a healthier world
  • show you what it’s like to study data science at Monash – home to the largest group of data scientists of any research institution in the southern hemisphere
  • satisfy your curiosity about a future in the discipline by revealing the diverse industries that data specialists can thrive in
  • connect you with a data science expert who’ll give you greater insights into the specialisation.

We’ll also have a quiz at the end of the event, with prizes up for grabs!

Watch this space, more information will be released soon!

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Event contact

Ms Michaela Gabbe



Monash Clayton Campus, S3 Lecture theatre
Melbourne VIC 3800 Australia

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