The Children in the Pictures Screening and expert panel discussion

The Children in the Pictures Screening and expert panel discussion

Thursday, 02 June 2022
2:30 pm - 5:15 pm (AEST)

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Data privacy vs online safety – False dichotomy or fait accompli?

As our personal and professional relationships become inextricably intertwined with online data and communications, we are witnessing the rapid blurring of lines concerning data ownership and transparency, calling into question concerns such as:

  • Can we continue to trust the applications we use to maintain our human and civil rights?
  • Can we reset technology policy and practice so that individual rights to privacy and data agency are aligned with collective rights to community safety, rather than trading one off against the other?
  • Why are these rights so often posed in opposition – and who stands to gain or lose the most when they are?

The good, the bad and the ugly

Brought to you by the faculty’s Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement and Community Safety (AiLECS) Lab, take a deep dive into digital security with a viewing of The Children in the Pictures, a bold documentary following investigative police team Task Force Argos on their global mission to protect children from online sexual exploitation.

Continue the conversation with a panel discussion and Q&A exploring the ethics of machine learning at the nexus of law enforcement, online safety, consent and our rights to privacy of information and identity.

Along the way, discover AiLECS Lab’s newest groundbreaking initiative aimed at strengthening ethical data approaches to countering child exploitation online – one that they will need your help to achieve.


2.30 - 2.40 pm AiLECS welcome & launch
2.40 - 2.50 pm Filmmaker introduction to Documentary
2.50 - 4.15 pm Film Screening
4.15 - 4.25 pm AiLECS - introducing VALID project & crowdsourcing launch
4.25 - 5.15 pm Panel discussion and Q&A

Meet your host and speakers

Associate Professor Campbell Wilson
Director, Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement and Community Safety Lab

Associate Professor Wilson has keen interests in digital forensics, information retrieval, machine learning and bioinformatics.

Since his PhD in the probabilistic modeling of image databases, Associate Professor Wilson has published extensively in a range of areas such as information retrieval, privacy-enhancing technologies, health information provision, user interface design and content-based image databases. He has also supervised a number of PhD candidates to completion, and currently oversees PhD projects in diverse specialisations such as forensic data mining, information retrieval, dynamic adaptation of websites, musical genre recognition and region-based image retrieval.

Associate Professor Wilson is a celebrated senior lecturer and currently the co-director of the AiLECS Lab, a partnership with the Australian Federal Police.

Melissa Castan - Panel Moderator
Director, Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University

Associate Professor Melissa Castan is Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law at Monash University. Her newest publication is ‘Critical Perspectives on Human Rights Law in Australia’ co-edited with Professor Paula Gerber.

Melissa has over 25 years experience teaching, researching and publishing in Australian Public Law, Constitutional law, Human Rights Law, Indigenous Legal Issues and Legal Education. Her most recent ARC Project is exploring new digitally enabled, child-centred and rights-based advocacy and regulatory frameworks.

Melissa is National Convenor of the Alternative Law Journal, and hosts podcasts 'Law Radio' and 'Just Cases'. She tweets as @drmcastan.

Doug Boudry
Commander, Australian Federal Police

Douglas Boudry is Commander, Covert and Technical Operations with the Australian Federal Police.

Doug has over two decades of policing experience across a variety of capabilities, including community policing, technical surveillance, digital forensics, enterprise ICT and covert operations. He has a strong interest in ethical machine learning and AI capabilities for law enforcement, and has played a key role in securing the AFP / Monash partnership and growth of the AiLECS lab.

Doug’s recent experience includes involvement in drafting amendments to Australia’s surveillance legislation (the Identify and Disrupt Act 2021); and a leadership role in Operation Ironside, the largest operation ever undertaken by the AFP, which resulted in significant disruption to organised criminal networks in Australia and internationally.

Ed Santow
Industry Professor, Responsible Technology, University of Technology Sydney

Edward Santow is Industry Professor – Responsible Technology at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Ed leads UTS's new initiative on building Australia's capability on ethical artificial intelligence.

Ed’s areas of expertise include human rights, technology and regulation, public law and discrimination law. From 2016-2021, Ed was Australia's Human Rights Commissioner, where he drove the Commission's work on a roadmap for responsible innovation on AI and new technology, culminating in publication of the Commission’s Human Rights and Technology Report.

Ed is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, a Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Human Rights and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and serves on a number of boards and committees. He tweets as @easantow.

Amy Liberman
Student and researcher, Monash University

Amy Liberman is an emerging scholar and fourth year Monash Engineering/Law student who is building a profile collaborating on research that drives change, ethical computing, and technology for social good.

Amy sits on the Law and Ethics Committee of DeepNeuron, a student-led AI and HPC (High Performance Computing)  research team based in Monash University with a goal to use AI that's safe, ethical and transparent to solve existing common societal issues. She has recently produced a research paper for the AiLECS lab on the use and regulation of biometric surveillance and facial recognition technology.

Film introduced by:
The Children in the Pictures producer/director, Simon Nasht.

Simon is one of Australia’s most experienced documentary filmmakers. A former political journalist for The Age and ABC he spent many years working internationally for leading broadcasters and newspapers. Simon ran successful production companies in London, Budapest and New York before returning to Australia where he continues to create provocative programming about subjects that matter.

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Associate Professor Campbell Wilson

Director, Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement and Community Safety Lab


Doug Boudry

Commander, Australian Federal Police

Ed Santow

Industry Professor, Responsible Technology, University of Technology Sydney

Amy Liberman

Student and researcher, Monash University

Melissa Castan

Director, Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University

Simon Nasht

Co-Director/Producer - The Children in the Pictures

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Sam Beadle

Senior Events Coordinator E:


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